Epidemic: Kacin explained what is changing with Monday


An epidemic has been declared. What changes with the first day of the epidemic?

The Prime Minister Janez Janša announced that an epidemic would be declared in the entire country for 30 days from Monday, 19 October. Government spokesman for covid-19 Jelko Kacin He explained to TV Slovenia that an epidemic had been formally declared on Monday, which gives the government a legal basis for some of the measures that will follow. “The national plan will be activated, for example in the field of civil protection, so that the mayors will have a structure ready to help and take action if the situation worsens. But it will get worse.. Tomorrow’s numbers won’t be a record, but they will be a record for Monday. For these reasons, when we review all the plans, and in particular the plan to provide much-needed hospital beds for covid-19, we want to slow down the spread of this virus with some additional measures, ” he explained.

What exactly does this mean? “At midnight, only an epidemic will be declared, and tomorrow everything will be as it was before,” said Kacin. Other measures remain unchanged for the time being.

This means that students from 1st to 5th grade go to school tomorrow, while others go to distance learning. Kindergartens are open normally as before. Institutions for the education of children with special needs and primary schools with an adapted program will implement all programs in the school or institution. The educational program in dormitories for students with special needs is implemented in the dormitory. Work in student dormitories is also carried out unchanged. In the week between October 26 and 29, there will be an autumn vacation in primary and secondary schools.

Employees are going to work as before, but Kacin said they will call on employers to allow everyone who works in offices to work from home, thus reducing the number of trips from home to work and socializing at work.


Janša: “Everything else will have to wait a while”

Some measures will be elaborated by the government in more detail, some are already in force and will not be tightened, while others will not be intervened. As Kacin pointed out, for example, retailers adhere well to the instructions that the number of customers in stores is limited to one person per 20 square meters, so there is no need to close shopping centers at this stage.

“We want as many things as possible to work, but we have to limit ourselves and discipline ourselves in some way. After what we’ve seen in the last two, three days, how many people have started wearing a mask, how more self-protective people are, I think we’re on good route and that some measures will simply not have to be announced or at least not for some time to come, “ Kacin is convinced. Personally, he believes that the spread of the coronavirus could be controlled within 30 days of the epidemic being declared. He stressed that the government will limit the measures it will take during the epidemic.

Map of municipalities


Another two regions red, in these municipalities the worst

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Lots of new infections, but maybe just dawn at the end of the tunnel

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