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Prague / Brussels The example of the Czech Republic shows that the country cannot afford to fall asleep on the laurels during the coronavirus epidemic. I claim this on the Politico news server in an extensive article about how European governments are coping with the coronavirus pandemic. The Nordic countries, the Baltics and the Czech Republic are behind the premise of Politico, while France and Spain fell.

The Czech Republic was the first in Europe to introduce a mandatory noen rouek, closed bicycles and trade. She was thus the first to start easing restrictions on April 9. And then the problem started, the server said.

According to him, Prime Minister Andrej Babi and his government did not react quickly enough at the first signs of growth in August. Grandma ignored the warning signs and feared that the new restriction would provoke resentment among the businessman. And so he did nothing about the situation at the arrest of Politico.

After the daily number of bakers beat the same level as it was last in the spring, the then Minister of Health tried to introduce a mandatory no-frills in stores. But Babi returned to the restrictions, vetoed Politico.

The change of course and the change of the Minister of Health took place in the second half of the month.

Neighbors Germany and Austria manage the epidemic in time, even these countries would make mistakes. The fact that the health care system in Germany is decided by the individual federal states makes it difficult for Chancellor Angela Merkel to take comprehensive measures. Austria’s most visible mistake falls in the first wave, when the outbreak of the disease in the alpine resort of Ischgl failed.

According to Politica, the premiants of the first and second wave are Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. Rapid action and powerful healthcare have significantly reduced the number of infections. This saved lives and mitigated the impact on the economy, Politico said. As for the widow, his policy led to a significant sweat of nakaench and a high sweat of the lands. Between the country, the first and second waves, the server and the Baltic states and Greece have managed time.

In the first wave, Itlie was the biggest remover. Using extraordinary powers, however, the government managed to plot the curve of the disease faster, not expected. The politician attributes the credit to the Italian prime minister so much that he persuaded Germany to support the European Reconstruction Fund.

Spain and France earned significant negative evaluations. Spain was unable to keep under control during the summer season. The politician is aware of the dispute between the Spanish government and the local government over the introduction of a state of emergency in the Madrid area, where the disease is most prevalent. According to Politica, the summer release is also behind the growing case in France. French President Emmanuel Macron complains that his government has failed to implement an inherent and coherent medical measure. In the ordinary Macron told the nation that he was in a wolf with a virus. Now it looks like he will lose it, on Politico.

Britain is one of the European countries where the first wave of the epidemic exposed the shortcomings of the government’s approach. (British Prime Minister) Johnson may need to formulate a long-term strategy or a clear message to the public about the server. The British prime minister must have to face growing dissatisfaction in the Conservative Party, so that the unhappiness from the first wave of the epidemic would not have a significant effect on the conservatives’ preferences.


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