even in the question of coronavirus not premir, but expert, research shows


Prime Minister Andrej Babi before the arrest of the EU summit in Brussels. (June 16, 2020)
| photo: AP

Odbornkm and epidemiologist in 76 percent of the population. Decline of the court in the chairman of the government Andrei Babie in connection with information about coronavirus, in the mupo 36 percent of the people. But 88 percent vote YES and only 15 percent vote opposition parties.

A survey by the Kantar CZ agency thus shows that the media in Czech and Czech television are the most popular. 69 percent of respondents use the public radio station, only one percent of television.

According to analyst Pavel Ranoch, the decline has been positively assessed since April.

For msc podl fell another 10 percent. In August, 37 percent of people rated the political situation as good and very good, up from 27 percent. This is basically a completely different situation, it was not in the spring, when the positive evaluation was given to 61 percent, which we have never seen before, to the statistics of Pavel Ranocha from Qatar CZ.

ei in Rov, Babi is on the bottom of the graph

Information from experts and epidemiologists is more than a quarter. First of all, since the premiere of Andrei Babiedev, 36 percent of the people who are at the bottom. On the other hand, Jarmila Rová, among others, is the most reliable source of information with 67 percent. Minister of Health Roman Prymula is slightly over half, I am 52 percent obanized.

According to Pavel Ranocha, however, there is an abysmal difference in the statistics of how two people vote for individual political parties. This can be seen in the case of Prime Minister Babie, 88 percent of them vote for the YES movement, for SSD voters, KSM it is somewhere around half and for voters of the opposite parties only about 15 percent, he noted.

The two people also do no more than the information of other radio stations (led by Ro), which is 51 percent, the Internet news server 45 percent and the news of other television (led by T) 42 percent. The survey was conducted from 21 to 9 June and obscured it
1 200 respondent.


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