Fans of Marquis Dads in mourning: The definitive END of one of the main characters!


For two years now, Markíza TV viewers have been sitting down on TV screens night after night so that they can enjoy the Dads series. The story of the guys whose days are diversified by their twigs immediately became a huge hit and gained a quality fan base. But they now have their heads in mourning.

One of the main characters is definitely leaving the story for them – the actress Anička Jakab Rakovská appeared on the screens for the last time on Friday. In the act, she played the character of Alice, who formed a couple with veterinarian Tomáš (Marek Fašiang). But the reason for that was really beautiful.

The actress from Oteckov is already a mother: The first PHOTO from the maternity hospital!

At the beginning of September, Anička became the mother of little Agnes, whom she gave birth to the actor Rob Jakab. She could not continue filming due to her mother’s duties. “Today was the last day in the series when Anička Jakab Rakovská filmed, today she is devoting herself to her baby. And that’s how the fellow actors said goodbye to her, ” appeared on the Instagram series Dads.

The star of the Fathers in the series ends: Farewell to colleagues!

The fact that the actress will end up on the screens of the Marquis soon was known shortly after her pregnancy rolled over. The creators announced that they would not incorporate it into the story. “Anička Jakab Rakovská is in the joy of expecting a child in her private life. However, in the series Dads, this fact is not reflected in the story. How the pregnancy of the favorite actress will be resolved within the series will have to wait for the audience to broadcast new episodes. ” she spoke in June for Topky. PR manager Andrea Macáková.

The creators eventually took the character of Alice to Australia indefinitely. This is where her younger sister Nika is to live, who suddenly finds herself in big trouble. The young teacher traveled to her opponents to support her. It is interesting that this is the second partner of veterinarian Tomáš, who finished in the series. And again because of my mother’s duties.

Mary Bartalos had to leave Oteckov after a year of broadcasting. At that time, the creators sent her to study in Košice. Many began to speculate that he would not return to the story after Rakovská’s departure. However, her son Noel was only 1 year old in June, so the actress would have to end her maternity leave prematurely. Well, let’s be surprised!

Anička Jakab Rakovská last appeared on the series Fathers on Friday. Her colleagues gave her a bouquet of roses to say goodbye.
Fans of Marquis' Dads in

Source: Instagram Dads

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