Football hooligni will gather in Prague, and the police will deploy hundreds of worms


The Minister of the Interior, Jan Hamek, stated in Partia on TV Prima that one thousand police officers were on standby in Prague due to the event. They drank from the ground.

From my point of view it is (konn demonstration, note red.) of the parties not responsible. Police are weakened as the virus weakens her. Undoubtedly, it will work, but it will cost a lot of money and human effort, Hamek said.

He called on the participants to proceed calmly and to follow the rules. He said on Czech television that, according to information from the police, it turns out that the mind of peaceful demonstration could be abused by football hooligans.

Obvene that their duty is not to demonstrate, but to evoke nsil. I’d like to warn you before that, Hamek said. He reminded that the convener of the event is primarily responsible for the podium. According to Hamek, the police were in contact with him several times, the demonstration was allowed.

At noon, the police informed that the force had moved to the main railway, where the event was approached. The photos show that there are police officers. The policeman assumes that the event is a push for a battle between fans and the police. Among other things, also because the hard-core fans, the so-called hooligans, are still coming to Prague via the web and social st.

According to the list of actions of the Prague City Council, the protest is called the Demonstration for the First and Freedom of Citizens in the Time of the Crown Crisis and takes place in the Old Town before the monument to Jan Hus from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm Number of advertised participants in 500, number of applicants ten. In the column, the declarant magistrt published only the IS initials

The current government states that no more than 500 people can take part in the protest, who must be divided into groups of twenty, with a gap of at least two meters between the groups. It is essential that everyone have their eyes and noses covered.

Should the event be impeded by more people, we will call on the convener to arrange a remedy and follow up on the current measures, said Eva Kropov, a police crackdown. If, according to them, he did not do so, the police would notify me and the breach of duty will be a series of eits as a violation.

Water tank and tear gas. Football fans protested in Bratislava

The police announced that they would post regular information about the event on Twitter.

In the morning, it was introduced that the police had already tested positive for a new type of coronavirus, and 135 police officers were placed in quarantine.

However, this angered police director Jan Vejdar on Saturday, because the organizers and participants in the demonstration do not realize that the action at the time of the epidemic threatens their own health and may weaken the police.

The chairman of the esk lkask chamber, Milan Kubek, went to the football fans’ event.

When you look at the statistics, I bought free capacity in hospitals for the price of the pain of a number of people, because patients were supposed to fly there after the operations today. Those who can wait for the total endoprosthesis, wait for surgery, in pain a number of msc and now have to wait again. And I have a complete upset that at the same time, a group will gather in the center of Prague and demonstrate there for the first time to go to hockey and for their freedom. It just doesn’t make sense to me, he fell on CNN in Partie.

Stones and bottles flew in Bratislava

On Saturday, several hundred football fans and supporters of the far right gathered in front of a number of Slovak governments in Bratislava due to coronavirus measures. A police officer used tear gas and a water cannon against radicals who looked at stones and bottles on them, the SME reported. According to the day, there were about 400 and 500 people in the Slovak capital.

Throughout the Czech Republic, due to the unfavorable development of coronavirus epidemics, strict anti-epidemic measures are in place. All wheels from storage to high saw from the middle to the distance of the wind except for children with special needs. Restaurants, bars, clubs, cultural and sports events are closed.

Police sent colleagues to demonstrate. We can’t ban it, to Prague

People can gather at most. From Monday, leisure and professional activities of athletes are canceled. This also applies to the first football leagues and hockey extra leagues, which could have been played without a week before. Exceptions to the new rules can only be given to international matches and events or to you by football teams in the European League.

KSM Chairman Vojtech Filip is not happy with the demonstration. according to him, it is mainly timely.

We have freedom of speech and assembly, but the demonstration of ultras during the covid pandemic is just a matter of selfish self-sufficiency. Disagreement with the end of the government can be issued in another form at a time when the number of sick and dead is rising. They can endanger the health of other citizens. And nobody wants that for sure. In addition, the Police, who will oversee the demonstration. He should always make sense, not exhibition, Vojtch Filip was angry at the planned action.


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