Geiser after the masterpiece: The work invested paid off


Tim Geiser performs well on the sand. Photo: AMZS

Tim Geiser he had quite a few problems on the sand at the start of his career, and in the last two seasons he has shown how remarkably he has progressed on that basis. At the famous Belgian venue, he won second place in the first run and was simply unrivaled in the second run. He won second place Gautier Paulinand the third Jorge Prado.

The work put in paid off
It’s great, I’m overjoyed. We put so much work on the sand, I trained a lot on that basis and now it has paid off again. A huge thank you to everyone on my team and everyone who supports me, “laughed Gajser after the victory, who already has a 48-point advantage over the competition five races before the end.

Geiser: “Lommel is probably the toughest station of the season.”

Good start
He won his first run for the Flanders GP Gautier Paulin, which launched the fastest from the starting position. The current world champion Tim Gajser masterfully broke through to the first place after a few turns and quickly gained a few seconds of advantage.

Paulin celebrated for the first time in three years
Gajser made the only mistake after 25 minutes when he changed the line when overtaking a slower competitor for a lap, firing him out of the engine. He lost about ten seconds in doing so, Paulin returned to the lead and thus got the ride for the first time in three years. Gajser, however, retained second place without much difficulty. Third place went to the qualifying winner Jorge Prado. Gajser’s biggest rivals had quite a few problems, Jeremy Seewer was the eighth, serial champion Antonio Cairoli on 13.

Gajser in Spain second, in the World Cup further increased the advantage

Same start: 2nd place → leadership
The second run started similarly from Gajser’s point of view, he was only one competitor behind, this time he drove the Prado into the first turn. Gajser continued similarly as he quickly shot into the lead, this happened in the second round.

A different outcome
Gajser made no mistake this time, as he sovereignly steered round after round. At the end of the run, the mistake happened to Prada, who drove most of the vehicles in second place and ended up settling for fourth place in the run. Romain Febvre and Jeremy Seewer finished before him.

Pancar scored four points
It’s in the MX2 class Jan pancar with 21st place for the hair remained without points, in the second he was more successful and as the 17th he got four points. Frenchman Tom Vialle won, Pancar was 21st. Vialle also leads the World Cup with 569 points, Pancar is 21st with 82.

Two venues and five races
The famous Lommel is the penultimate venue of the season, with the Limburg GP race on Wednesday and the Lommel GP next Sunday. The season will end in Trentino when the last three races are scheduled between 1 and 8 November.

World Cup, 13/18

Racer Points
Tim Geiser 488
Antonio Cairoli 440
Jorge Prado 429
Jeremy Seweer 429
Romain Febve 383


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