Glory, the Doll is fighting! He is stabilized, after two days of fear he will be transported to Prague


Vlastimil Vacek, Right

The whole Czech football was hit by bad news on Wednesday. The legendary Antonín Panenka became infected with coronavirus and is hospitalized in a serious condition in the intensive care unit. The news was announced by the Prague club Bohemians 1905, in which the 71-year-old 1976 European champion holds the position of honorary president.

After two days, Panenko’s surroundings may be a little calmer.

“We would like to thank the Benešov hospital very much for the excellent care they provided to Tond on a professional level. Today they will take him to Prague, where his attending physician wants to have him under his supervision,” Bohema Panenková wrote in an SMS during Friday.

However, it is not completely won yet. Due to the current state of health, Antonín Panenka must have oxygen support.

He looks forward to it all over

“He’s not breathing well and has a strong cough. When he was taken away, I was very scared of him, but today Tonda himself told me that he would fight and look forward to it all over. I was also surprised that it got into the whole He has been my husband for many years, but I had no idea that they loved him so much abroad, “says Mrs. Panenková.

Fear of the legend! Antonín Panenka is in a serious condition with coronavirus in a hospital

Kangaroos can sign her words with everything.

“Since Wednesday, e-mails, tweets, SMS and other messages have been coming from all over the world. Thank you for Tond’s name for his tremendous support and wishes! Wednesday’s report about his sudden hospitalization hit the entire football world without exaggeration. The doll is, “the club points out on its website.


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