Good news for Olympia: Euroleague changes rules on covid-19


After five canceled matches in four rounds of the Euroleague basketball and three European Cups, the competition management is proposing a change to the so-called covid-19 rules. Teams that are unable to step on the floor due to infections with the new coronavirus will no longer be penalized for losing the match for the green table, but will be able to play it later.
The change applies to both the Euroleague and the Eurocup in which Cedevita Olimpija participates. The latter already lost one match for the green table last week, or with 0:20, because due to one infected player, the whole team had to be quarantined and consequently could not play the second round match against the Turkish team from Bursa.

Under current rules, a team loses a match if it is unable to provide at least eight players to play, and under the new rules, teams that will not be able to compete due to new coronavirus infections or national rules will be able to postpone the match.

The proposal is that each match can be postponed a maximum of three times, and at the same time the league management should set date frames for each individual case.

“We knew from the beginning that the 2020/21 season would be special and different and that we would have to adapt to the situation. In addition to changes to the covid-19 rules, we will continue to monitor the situation in Europe , “Euroleague president Jordi Bertomeu said.

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