Government of the First Minister. Toman met with President Zeman on Wednesday Home


Prague The coronavirus pandemic and all measures have infiltrated human policies. On Sunday, the website confirmed the information about the disease by the First Minister. Yes, I received a positive result of the test on covid-19, I am in contact with the Prague hygienic station and I follow their instructions, Miroslav Toman, Minister of Agriculture, wrote for, with the fact that it will be closed for a while.

Toman met with President Milo Zeman at a stupid center in Lny. They discussed, for example, coronavirus measures or the Ministry of Agriculture’s budget for five years. The abbey was complied with, the president is not endangered, Ji Ovek spoke on Sunday to TK Zeman.

For example, former Minister of Defense for the YES movement, Karel Lechtov, who described that she had problems with respiration, and former chairman of the KDU-SL deputy, Marek Vborn, also sold the coronavirus infection from a number of policies.

Former Minister of Health Adam Vojtch (for YES) would also go into quarantine in the end if he was negative. The situation in the Czech Republic is high. Over the last few days, there has been a record increase in slaka.

There were 8713 confirmed coronavirus cases on Saturday-Saturday alone. Although it is about 2,400 infected less than the record number, when the number of infected more than 11,000 cases, but it is still the highest number on the weekend, when I am usually tested, and the total number of the highest number in a single day since the epidemic .


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