Grain positive for coronavirus: I cried as a child


Popular actor and director Jurj Zrnec he hosted the Queen of Talk Shows Starry Mlakar. They talked about various intimate topics of his life, and he was most surprised at the beginning of the conversation when he revealed that he had contracted the infamous coronavirus. “I had a crown, not long ago so they say I’m immune,” the popular actor said. He was locked in an apartment for three weeks and the only symptom he had was a loss of smell. He called a friend of the doctor who advised him to sign up for testing. The loss of smell was so severe that Zrnec said, “It could burn next to me, but I wouldn’t know.”In addition to the loss of smell, he was already a little tired and had no other symptoms. However, the actor was most afraid for his loved ones, as he hung out at quite a few celebrations in the week before the diagnosis. He attended three birthdays, a bachelor party, and when he found out about the diagnosis he started crying as a child because he was afraid he had infected someone. He also hung out with his father, who is already a member of the risk group due to his age. He rested and observed for three weeks, performed examinations twice a day and waited for the quarantine to pass. He feared the progression of the disease as he had suffered three pulmonary emboli in the past and the condition could get much worse.

Of all the people he hung out with, none got an infection. He immediately informed all contacts and hoped for the best. He has no idea where she got the infection, but he is very happy that everything went well.


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