Hall was surprised, Pietrangelo wasn’t. Which stars changed places?


Shifted top of the year, entry draft and opening of the market with free players. The hectic period full of interesting signatures and transfers is generally a bit weaker this time, yet it has offered a number of significant transactions. Which were they?

ALEX PIETRANGELO: defender, 30 years old, Vegas Golden Knights

Statistics 2019/20 (St. Louis Blues)
Z: 70 G: 16 A: 36 +/-: +11

Contract: 7 years / $ 8.8 million AAV

The name most talked about in connection with the opening of the free market. As expected, Pietrangelo eventually signed with Vegas, earning $ 8.8 million annually over the next seven years. The Golden Knights got rid of Nate Schmidt and Paul Stastny because of his arrival, but they have a new leader of the defensive ranks in the 30-year-old quarterback.

TAYLOR HALL: forward, 28 years old, Buffalo Sabers

Statistiky 2019/20 (New Jersey Devils/Arizona Coyotes)
Z: 65 G: 16 A: 36 +/-: -14

Contract: 1 year / $ 8 million AAV

Colorado? Edmonton? Calgary? No, the star striker surprised with his new engagement, because he signed to Buffalo for a year. In the organization, he will reconnect with coach Ralph Krueger, and he could run alongside Jack Eichel. Hall will make $ 8 million next season, but will have to deal with the future again next year.

TOREY KRUG: defender, 29 years old, St. Louis Blues

Statistics 2019/20 (Boston Bruins)
Z: 61 G: 9 A: 40 +/-: -4

Contract: 7 years / $ 6.5 million AAV

Although there was information at the last minute that Krug had received an offer of a new contract from Boston, he decided to move to St. Louis. And allegedly for the same money that the Bruins offered him! If all goes well, the offensive back should spend another seven years in a Bluesman jersey.

TYLER TOFFOLI: forward, 28 years old, Montreal Canadiens

Statistiky 2019/20 (Los Angeles Kings/Vancouver Canucks)
Z: 68 G: 24 A: 20 +/-: -1

Contract: 4 years / $ 4.25 million AAV

Although the general manager of Montreal Marc Bergevin may not always like the steps of Toffoli, the signature of Toffoli belongs to the category of successful. The Canadian striker scored points in Vancouver this year, and the Canadiens signed up for even less money than he had in the last three seasons.

HENRIK LUNDQVIST: gólman, 38 let, Washington Capitals

Statistiky 2019/20 (New York Rangers)
Z: 30 ÚS: 90,5% PR: 3,16 SO: 1

Contract: 1 year / $ 1.5 million AAV

An emotional farewell took place in New York at the end of September. It took a long fifteen years to unite Lundqvist and the local Rangers, but the Swedish goalkeeper will not cut even after being paid from the hockey contract. He still wants to fight for the Stanley Cup, so he signed for Washington next year. Could Ilya Samsonov want a better teacher?

TJ BRODIE: defender, 30 years old, Toronto Maple Leafs

Statistiky 2019/20 (Calgary Flames)
Z: 64 G: 4 A: 15 +/-: +7

Contract: 4 years / $ 5 million AAV

The Maple Leafs are said to have been interested in Alex Pietrangel, but they can still be satisfied with the strengthening of the defense. Brodie, a 30-year-old native of Chatham, fills the right side with a versatile quarterback who, in addition to defensive activities, can also support the attack. In addition, it will bring much-needed toughness to Toronto.

TYSON BARRIE: defender, 29 years old, Edmonton Oilers

Statistiky 2019/20 (Toronto Maple Leafs)
Z: 70 G: 5 A: 34 +/-: -7

Contract: 1 year / $ 3.75 million AAV

The Oilers also looked after the defenders in the market, and general manager Ken Holland needed compensation for the long-injured Oscar Klefbom. He found her in Barrie, who didn’t do well in Toronto’s anabasis. An annual $ 3.75 million contract is very beneficial for Edmonton.

BRADEN HOLTBY: Goalkeeper, 31 years old, Vancouver Canucks

Statistiky 2019/20 (Washington Capitals)
Z: 48 ÚS: 89,7% PR: 3,11 SO: 0

Contract: 2 years / $ 4.3 million AAV

It has long been known that Holtby will target the free market. The winner of the Vezina Trophy from 2016 will cover the back of the young Canucks team for the next two years. He didn’t do very well last year, will he return to his former form in Vancouver?

JEVGENIJ DADONOV: forward, 31, Ottawa Senators

Statistiky 2019/20 (Florida Panthers)
Z: 69 G: 25 A: 22 +/-: -7

Contract: 3 years / $ 5 million AAV

The Senators are continuing a difficult reconstruction, but this off-season period can be a great promise for them. The Canadian organization drafted very interestingly, brought Matt Murray from Pittsburgh to the goal area and, last but not least, acquired Dadonova. The Russian striker will also play the role of a mentor in a team full of young talents.

JACOB MARKSTRÖM: golem, 30 years, Calgary Flames

Statistics 2019/20 (Vancouver Canucks)
Z: 43 ÚS: 91,8% PR: 2,75 SO: 2

Contract: 6 years / $ 6 million AAV

Is he darkening over David Rittich? The Czech goalkeeper has still not become a stable number one in Calgary and now has a tough competitor against him. Especially last year, Markström confirmed his qualities and received a six-year contract from Flames for a total amount of $ 36 million.

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