He was on a war footing with BARCELONA, and now … This is revealed by the Echo, that’s how Messi feels at BARCA TODAY!


        The Argentina coach spoke about Lionel Messi and what was happening during the transfer window.
        <p>The transfer window is over, and the hottest was without a doubt happening around Lionel Messi and his departure from Barcelona.  In the end, the parties agreed to remain a member of the Catalan giants, but he will probably say goodbye to Barcelona after the end of this season.

Argentine coach Lionel Scaloni has now also spoken about this topic, and he did not hide his satisfaction that Messi did not change club colors. “When it all came out the way it did, I talked to Messi and realized he was very calm. When he joined the national team, we talked at length and widely. He is happy to be here again, he is also with the club. solved everything necessary and now he is happy again, “ revealed the Argentine coach and added: “We wanted everything to unfold in a positive direction. Now he’s playing again and he’s in good shape. That’s important to us, we’re not interested in the rest of the action, we’re not getting involved.”


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