Hern tip: Age of Empires III goes back to the time of colonial lifts with a feeling and beautiful graphics


Age of Empires III revives classics for pr crowns
author: Microsoft

It is not that there are no new games on the market. A new NHL line has been released, which pins a slightly more elaborate career mode, but otherwise is played and looks under the same, and under the same wants to pull people’s pensions for virtual cards. Nintendo and its Mario Kart Live, on the other hand, want you to grow up and buy a Switch so you can drive real cars on a virtual circuit with your kids.

And then there’s Age of Empires III Definite Edition. These are in a series of modernized strategy games from Microsoft, which together with the turn-based Civilization helped to create the taste of gaming tastes and improve the historical knowledge of Czech PC games. For 550 crowns cheap, for 1150 crowns as part of the entire trilogy, or to go cheaper in the Game Pass.

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