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Rudolf Hrušínský is one of the legends of the Czech film scene. He has a number of famous roles, but also several scandals. The unforgettable doctor from the film Vesničko má středisková was unfaithful to his wife, who knew very well about his adventures. He would celebrate his 100th birthday today.

17. 10. 2020 19.42 | Author Kateřina Sobolová

Rudolf Hrušínský was born in 1920 in Nová Včelnice as a descendant of the famous film families Červíček and Budínský. And the film scene was also fatal for him, because he was born on stage after the performance of the play Dance of the Virgin Mary.

Rudolf Hrušínský as Švejk and Crematorium

From the beginning, Rudolf lived a nomadic life and as a child he tried several theatrical roles. It was precisely because he often stood on the stage that he did not finish high school, which did not bother him so much, because he soon set out on an acting career. He went through several theaters and by the time he was twenty-five, he already had 17 film roles in his biography.

Hrušínský has many famous roles to his credit and has played in such classics as The Good Soldier Švejk, Obediently Report, Dařbuján and Pandrhola, The Incinerator, Snowdrop Festival, Three Veterans or Vesničko má středisková, where he edited the role of a doctor. Among other things, he sent his patient on a trip to Pelhřimov to visit the local crematorium. But did you know that there is no crematorium in Pelhřimov?

Infidelity of Rudolf Hrušínský

Rudolf Hrušínský, who also worked in politics for several years after the 1989 coup, was also a successful director. And his personal life was also interesting. In 1945 he married Eva Hrušínská (a single Koubová), who had some formidable experience from the Auschwitz concentration camp. A year after the wedding, their son Rudolf was born, to whom Jan joined after nine years. But he was not an exemplary husband.

Hrušínský’s wife Eva knew that Rudolf had a weakness for other women as well. And she also knew that she would not give up on her passion. “Rudolf told me at the time that he did not have fidelity in nature. That success with women gives him the confidence he needs so much for his acting work. But she wants to spend her life only with me, “the nasehvezdy.cz portal quoted her.

But once it was said that Eva had had enough, so she went to the cottage, from where she wrote him a letter about what she thought about his flights. But she didn’t see any change, so she had to take her husband as he was. By the way, Rudolf’s son Jan also has something to do with infidelity.

Slap by Josef Kemr

And women were also behind another “tabloid” moment in Hrušín’s career. His great and long-term friend was Josef Kemr, whose partner Marika Skopalová was once slapped on the ass by Hrušínský for fun. The reaction didn’t take long, and Hrušínský slapped his colleague in a good way, which then ended their friendship.

The last time Rudolf Hrušínský appeared in the film Night of Decision was from 1993. At that time, however, he no longer felt well at all and was weak from the hospital. He died in 1994, at the age of 73, in Prague.



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