Horoscope for Sunday, October 18th


Andreja Novak / Good karma

Sašo Švigelj

Andreja Novak – energy researcher and astrologist

Think about all the issues of your current situation. Now is not the time for open fights at home or anywhere else, as you will be pulling this one short, so don’t brag too much.

You will sleep poorly because you have beaten the same thing, forgetting all the breathing exercises and promises to yourself that you have made for this very purpose. Make sure you take time for yourself.

It is enough that you are at peace with your family and that you understand that everyone has their own learning path and life perspective, but that it is also your right and duty to take care of yourself.

Feeling great will lull you into a safe but fake atmosphere that everything is fine and that you no longer need to change or do anything. You will shut yourself in.

You will long for the right company and take comfort in any sudden changes. But consider what you need to do yourself so that life can begin to move in that direction.

Pay attention to the words so that you do not spoil the harmony in the relationship due to too fast reactions. Namely, the locals also want relaxed communication about unimportant things.

A minor transformation awaits you. Without much fanfare, the rules of the game will change and this time in your favor. Keep in touch with yourself and just react honestly in every thing.

The locals will burden you with their presence in the room, which you will let them know clearly. But it’s up to you to make changes and stop burdening yourself with the whole world.

Make a time and financial plan and discuss with your family. It won’t make sense to indulge in something you won’t survive on and endanger others.

Relationships will be most important to you, but you will act as if you don’t care about anyone. This approach will not work best, as your loved ones are already used to it.

Sarcasm will cost you a lot as you will find it hard to tell your loved ones that the words were just a joke. Put yourself on the other side, what if they told you the same things?

You will want harmony at home, so you will be more tolerant of your loved ones and everything that will happen around you. This will give you a good feeling that will boost your sleep.


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