Hotels offer thousands of rooms for patients


“Currently we have about three thousand rooms, which can be put into operation very quickly. We are able to increase that number even more, “Václav Stárek, President of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the Czech Republic, told Práva.

According to the head of healthcare Roman Prymula (for YES), there are about 800 patients with diseases other than coronavirus who remain hospitalized for social reasons, ie they cannot return home or, for example, to a home for the elderly for various reasons. Moving them to hotels would make it easier for hospitals.

Stárek stated that the highest number of hotel beds for patients is available in Prague and other large cities. However, Prymula pointed out that there are more patients in social hospitalizations in smaller hospitals. However, he appreciated the offer of hotels, according to him it far exceeds the needs of healthcare.

Accommodation for medics

However, according to the minister, the hotels could also accommodate patients with a mild course of covid, who do not want to infect their family. They could also be home to medics to help manage the epidemic.

Hotels will accommodate either only regular guests or only infected people.
According to Prymula, the possibility of accommodating patients is useful for the state as well as for hotel operators. This is how the state will pay hoteliers.

The old man added that the hoteliers’ desire is first and foremost to help. “By no means do we see this as a business model,” he said. However, he expects the costs to be paid to the hotels.


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