Huge cornered python wraps around woman’s leg in Australia


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A woman in the Australian state of Queensland was assisted by the police after a scary encounter with a huge python.

According to police officers who were called home, she was working in the garage when she saw that her cat had cornered a snake under the car.

The woman, who also has a pet snake, tried to help the wild python, but the panicked reptile, instead of running away, wrapped itself around its leg.

When it became clear that the animal did not want to release her, she called emergency services.

The police helped the woman get rid of the python. After that, she took the snake and calmly placed it back in her garden.

With the snake season in full swing, experts have warned that anyone who encounters a snake should leave it to professionals, according to local media.

Experts say it is important to keep the windows closed to avoid unwanted visitors.


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