Hundreds of people are protesting in front of the Office of the Government. Police used both a water cannon and tear gas


Source: TASR / Jaroslav Novák

BRATISLAVA – Ultras fans protest in front of the Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic on Saturday. They demand the resignation of Prime Minister Igor Matovič (OĽANO). They also disagree with measures against the spread of the new coronavirus. Hundreds of them gathered. The police intervened against them.

During the rally, protesters threw lit flares behind the gate of the government office. They shouted vulgarities at the prime minister’s address and kicked at the gate. Police then created a corridor against the fans in front of the gate and the walls of the office. She also used tear gas against some demonstrators. Police prepared security measures in connection with Saturday’s gathering of fans in the capital. The police officers of the Anti-Conflict Team of the Regional Directorate of the Police Force in Bratislava communicate with the citizens at the assembly.

Rescuers treated two people during Saturday’s fan protest in Bratislava. It was a man and a woman. TASR was informed about this by Alena Krčová, a spokeswoman for the Operational Center of the Rescue Medical Service (OS ZZS) SR. “The woman was allegedly hit by a flying paving stone in the head, the man had an open laceration on his hand,” Krčová approached. Rescuers took them to the hospital after treatment. During transport, they were conscious and in a stable state.



The Ministry of the Interior is talking about irresponsibility

Saturday’s gathering of ultras fans in Bratislava at the time of the pandemic was highly irresponsible. This was told for TASR by Petra Friese from the office of the Ministry of the Interior (MV) SR. The head of the Ministry of the Interior, Roman Mikulec (OĽANO), stated on the social network that the demonstrators would not escape justice. “It’s really pathetic that at a time when the number of coronavirus infections is alarmingly rising in our country, there is a state of emergency and a ban on gathering, there are people who do not respect any of this,” said Mikulec. The demonstration, which he says has no real content and its only task is provocation, is a desperate attempt by the ultras and the radical right to attract attention.

On the sidelines of police interventions, Friese explained that the execution of a service intervention against protesters must be preceded by a consideration of its consequences. Mikulec added that none of the demonstrators responded to calls from the police to disperse due to the declared state of emergency and the ban on gatherings that apply in Slovakia. He also thanked the police for them “Fantastic work”. “No, we will not be provoked. We will not approach their primitive game, as their only goal is to cause a rift and kill, ” says the minister. Friese also recalled that if a participant tested positive for COVID-19 at the meeting and did not comply with the quarantine, he is committing a crime.

The police also arrested him

Police detained several people during a protest in Bratislava on Saturday. He will provide more information when the situation allows. TASR was informed about this by a spokesman for the Regional Directorate of the Bratislava Police Force, Michal Szeiff. “Today’s unannounced assembly has turned into a cluster of aggressive far-right radicals in a matter of minutes, in some cases under the influence of alcohol,” presented the Regional Directorate of the Police Force in Bratislava on the social network. He added that, despite repeated calls from the police, the persons involved used incendiary pyrotechnics, which injured each other when one of those present threw her among the assembled.

Residents of the center of Bratislava and casual passers-by turned to the police force for help. “Several illegal actions of the persons involved were interrupted by the law enforcement unit, which created a cordon to block the space. As the attackers repeatedly did not refrain from this action, the law enforcement unit used coercive means, namely tear gas and a special water sprayer to restore public order. “ added the police. She added that several people had been injured on the spot, including members of the police force. The unannounced meeting took place during a state of emergency, when there is a ban on gathering people in groups of more than six people. “The rally of far-right radicals has become a security risk,” the police concluded.


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