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Zlatan Ibrahimovič and AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli.

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Two weeks ago, Zlatan Ibrahimovic tested positive for coronavirus. After a few practice sessions, he returned to the competition on Saturday night and with two goals decided the triumph of AC Milan against Inter (2: 1) in the 4th round of Italy’s highest football competition.

The 39-year-old Swedish striker has scored his second two-goal match in the new year’s Serie A and, along with three other players, is at the top of the scorer table.

Ibrahimovič played a full 98 minutes against Inter, even with the set time, and after the match, AC coach Stefano Pilo remarked in front of the media: “He was totally exhausted. After 70 minutes, he also indicated to me that he wanted to take turns, but I ignored it. You understand how important this team is to our team and we wanted to win this derby. He is a real pro and always wants to win. That’s why I told him to stay on the field and win the victory for the team. And he said to me, “You are a coach, your decision is valid.”

The plan succeeded and AC Milan is the only team with a full 12 points after the incomplete fourth round. The Rossoneri defeated the Nerazzuri for the first time since 2016, against a bizarre backdrop of 1,000 spectators, who were allowed to enter the 80,000-strong San Siro.

The tireless Swede completed everything essential in less than 5 minutes of the first half. First, in the 12th minute, he beat Samira Handanovič twice from the penalty kick, which he “made” himself. Four minutes later, he ran into Rafael Leo’s center and increased it to 2-0 for the guests by half-volley.

In the 28th minute, Romelu Lukaku reduced to 1: 2, but this situation did not change by the end of the match. The Slovak jersey for the coronavirus infection was missing the Slovak tracker Milan Škriniar as well as five of his other teammates.

“I was at home for two weeks and it was not easy. It is very difficult mentally. I starved, because they closed the wrong animal. When you are imprisoned at home, your whole body trembles because it needs to work and keep warm, “said Ibrahimovič. On the other hand, Alessio Romagnoli’s play was disheartening. “When you look at the match and everything he did in it for the team, it says the same thing for itself. And most of his goals. ”

Inter coach Antonio Conte said sadly: “It’s a derby and they lost the most. We did not guard Ibrahimovic and did not change the chances better. That’s why we lost. “His counterpart Pioli responded:” We’ve won a big victory, but let’s not talk about scudette yet. It may not be up to date until March. ”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been a member of AC Milan since January 2020, having scored 10 goals in eighteen Serie A matches in the previous season. At the end of the season marked by a coronavirus break, he typically exaggerated that if he had been part of the club since the beginning of the year, AC would have won the league and would not have finished sixth.

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