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From Friday onwards, religious ceremonies with the presence of people are prohibited in the red regions, and up to ten believers can attend in the orange regions, but only in their parishes. Thus, today the Sunday Masses will again be held in a truncated form. The Archbishop of Ljubljana, Stanislav Zore, has therefore already invited the faithful to intensified prayer in the family and to receive personal communion.
Zore urged priests to allow believers to receive communion outside the Holy Mass in cases where they will have to decide who will be able to attend Mass. As he explained, people will be especially warned to come at the required distance and in strict compliance with all precautions, reports STA.


The second condition for declaring an epidemic has been met




Confession is not possible online

For the time being, confessions can take place if the space allows precautionary measures to be taken. According to Zoret, this proved to be possible in almost all parishes. Confession is not possible online.

If during the first wave of the epidemic the Slovenian Bishops’ Conference (SŠK) supported the transmission of masses online, in the second wave it is not so much in favor. He refers to the words of Pope Francis, who in April pointed out that “faith through the media is not the Church” and that the people who follow the Mass online are without the sacraments and without communion. Even Zore is convinced that masses over the web and other videoconferencing tools cannot replace live masses.



The largest outbreak in Croatia: more than a quarter of all tested infected



SŠK left the judgment to the priests

Nevertheless, on Saturday, SŠK allowed priests in the amended instructions to broadcast the Mass online at their own discretion and according to the circumstances, if the priest visits it in a church or public chapel, if it is a live broadcast and if he invites believers at the end, that they may come to church at a certain hour and receive communion subject to measures.

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Prostitutes, anointers, Khrushchev and Zlatko




Today’s consultation on the crisis work of the government

The crisis section of the government, together with the advisory group of the Ministry of Health, will review the effects of the existing measures on Sunday and consider the need for possible new ones. Even if Slovenia meets the set limit for declaring an epidemic on Sunday, this does not mean that this will happen automatically, he told STA Jelko Kacin.According to government spokesman for covid-19 Jelko Kacin, they will review the current situation at Sunday’s meeting and consider what measures, if any, should be introduced and when. However, since it is a consultative body that only prepares working materials, no new measures can be expected on Sunday, he said.

The criterion for declaring an epidemic and introducing new measures is, according to the plan set by the government, 140 infected per 100,000 population in a 14-day period, more than 250 hospitalized patients with covid-19, of which more than 50 in intensive care. We met the first two criteria in Slovenia, but not yet the third, as 43 patients were in intensive care on Friday.


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