In Germany, there were 5587 new coronavirus infections


Updates: 18.10.2020 06:04

Berlin – 5587 new coronavirus infections have been added in Germany in the last 24 hours. This is less than the record 7,830 cases on the previous day, but on Sunday and Monday this figure is usually lower. Compared to last Sunday, however, the number of new infections increased significantly from 3,483 cases. This follows from data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

There have been ten deaths with covid-19 in Germany in the last day. The death toll since the beginning of the pandemic has thus risen to 9777. The infected country has so far recorded 361,974. According to RKI estimates, almost 292,000 people in Germany have recovered from coronavirus infection.

According to the RKI in Germany, the reproduction number, which indicates how many other people infect one infected person on average, is 1.4, the day before it was 1.22. The seven-day reproduction number, which is less affected by daily fluctuations, is now 1.37 according to the RKI. This figure gives a picture of what happened eight to 16 days ago.

According to the DPA, current data on the number of those infected in the spring are only partially comparable, as more tests are being carried out in the country, leading to more people being infected. Experts also note that the data, given the delays between infection, test, result and report, show how the virus spread about a week ago.

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