In the Czech Republic, clashes between police and protesters against the measures


Clashes between protesters and police in Prague. Photo: Reuters

Thousands of protesters gathered in Prague’s old town to protest measures to contain covida-19. They also demanded the resignation of the Minister of Health Romana Prymule.

Police tried to disperse the crowd because, contrary to measures to contain the coronavirus, too many people had gathered, and clashes ensued.

The Prague police chief said nearly 20 police officers had been injured in the clash with “radical football fans”. Before the rally, about 50 people were arrested and their pyrotechnics and firearms were confiscated.

The health service said that they had dealt with the injuries of nine people, and transported four to the hospital. Most of them were head injuries, cuts and breathing problems due to inhaling tear gas.

Health Minister Prymula, against whom protests were directed, said the measures were aimed primarily at relieving health workers. “But now we will probably have even more new cases of infection,“he commented on the large turnout at the protests.

Gathering more than six people is prohibited in the Czech Republic. Bars and restaurants are closed, until 20:00 only pick-up is allowed. All schools, universities and dormitories are closed until at least November 2. Masks are mandatory in all enclosed spaces, including public transport and bus stops.

The Czech Republic is one of the worst affected countries in the second wave of covida-19. On Friday, a country with about 10.7 million inhabitants confirmed a new record, 11,105 cases of new coronavirus infection in one day.

Photo: EPA

Photo: EPA

In Slovakia, they plan to test all residents over the age of ten for the new coronavirus. The government has already ordered 13 million antibody tests. The news was announced by the Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovicand testing will be free.

Health workers will be assisted by police and the military, and testing is expected to be conducted similarly to elections – at about 6,000 stations across the country.

It is not yet clear whether testing of about 5.5 million Slovaks will be mandatory or voluntary, reports the German news agency DPA. The testing program is scheduled to begin next weekend at the largest covida-19 hotspots in the country. Then, on October 31 and November 1, elsewhere in the country. Testing time zones will be organized in alphabetical order so that citizens do not gather in large numbers in front of test stations.

If we succeed in this, we will become an example to the whole world, “is Matrovich.

In Slovakia in recent days, as elsewhere in Europe, high numbers of new coronavirus infections have been confirmed, only on Saturday 1968.

China declares victory in the fight against the vaccine

As an area, Europe has more daily infections than India, Brazil and the US combined, with an average of more than 140,000 infections per day in the last week. For every 100 infections worldwide, there are 34 in Europe. According to Reuters analysts, who have calculated that there are now one million new infections in Europe every nine days, with a total of more than 6.3 million infected since the outbreak.

Worldwide, the total number of infections so far is almost 40 million, most of them in the USA, India, Brazil and Russia, and in terms of the number of deaths in the USA, Brazil, India and Mexico.

It was just last week half of all newly infected confirmed in major European countries countries: United Kingdom, France, Russia, the Netherlands and Spain. The highest seven-day increase in new infections was 19,425 infected reported daily from France, followed by the United Kingdom, Russia, Spain and the Netherlands.

Croatia: 819 infections

819 confirmed cases were reported from Croatia, 4948 tests were performed, and eight patients died with covid-19. 548 patients are being treated at the hospital, 32 of them are connected to a respirator. There are 21,148 people in self-isolation across the country.

Curfew in France

In France, for about 20 million inhabitants or. just under a third of the population entered into force at night curfew between 9pm and 6am. The ban affects major cities such as Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Lille and Toulouse. The caterers emphasize that they will have to lay off due to shorter working hours.

Foreign Minister Anže Logar with a negative test result
Given that the Austrian Foreign Minister tested positive for the new coronavirus routine test Alexander Schallenberg, who was supposed to be infected at a meeting with European colleagues in Luxembourg, and then the infection was confirmed by Belgian Minister Sophie Wilmes, we asked the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs whether the Slovenian minister was informed about the matter and whether he was tested: “Minister Anže Logar has been informed about this. The minister took a preventive test. The test result was negative, “so the MMC pozasnili z MZZ-ja.

Countries with different approaches to virus containment

Many European countries are closing schools and providing distance learning as a containment measure, canceling all non-essential surgical procedures and recruiting medical students.

Map of infections by 14-day incidence in Europe per 100,000 population:

A single map of the EU's green, orange, red and gray areas has been available online since Thursday - on the website of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).  The map is refreshed every Thursday.  Photo: Reuters

A single map of the EU’s green, orange, red and gray areas has been available online since Thursday – on the website of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). The map is refreshed every Thursday. Photo: Reuters
Map of Europe depending on the risk for infection with a new coronavirus. Link HERE.

Northern Ireland closes schools for two weeks, restaurants for four. Areas c Catalonia they close bars and restaurants for 15 days, a limited number of people are allowed in the shops. Schools were also closed on Czech Republic, where the government announced on Thursday that it would buy an additional 4,000 beds to set up temporary hospitals. As of Wednesday, all restaurants in the country have been closed, and alcohol consumption is prohibited in public.

From Poland report that the country, with 6,526 infected and 116 dead for coronavirus disease 19, is just on the brink of capacity just last week. Lacking medical staff, they began training nurses, and are also considering setting up military field hospitals.

Infections in the Italian Parliament

In the Italian Chamber of Deputies, 18 deputies tested positive for the new coronavirus, and 80 deputies who were in contact with them are in domestic quarantine. All votes in the lower house of parliament next week were canceled. There are a total of 630 members in parliament.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus remains on the skin for nine hours and is removed within 15 seconds by washing

The US (still) at the very top of infections and deaths

Otherwise, the area most affected by the epidemic is Latin America with 27 percent of all new coronavirus infections, followed by Asia, North America and Europe.

India this month, however, reports slightly fewer infections than in September, when 69,000 daily infections were confirmed. On October 13, for example, 55,342 infections were confirmed, the lowest since August 18.

The U.S., which has the most covid-19 infections and deaths in the world, however, does not see the light at the end of the tunnel as the number of hospitalizations due to complications from the new coronavirus infection has been increasing since September.

Vaccine testing suspended

There is still no vaccine on the market. Johnson & Johnson has suspended testing of the vaccine because one of the participants developed a disease that they cannot explain. The pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca also discontinued clinical trials of the covid-19 vaccine in the last phase, as one of the participating volunteers developed an unexplained disease.

In his presidential campaign, US President Donald Trump promises that the vaccine will be ready before the November 3 elections. However, the American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, meanwhile, announced that they will authorize their vaccine when all safety parameters are provided, which will be according to the CEO in the third week of November, reports Euronews.

Infections worldwide published by Johns Hopkins University:



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