In the east, 484 positively tested were added, in Slovakia more than 1,500


They evaluated 10,858 samples.

We are updating the report

EASTERN SLOVAKIA. During Saturday’s tests, another 1,567 people tested positive for the new coronavirus were detected in Slovakia. Their total number is 29,835 so far.

The laboratories have evaluated 10,858 samples, so far more than 617,000 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Another 62 people were cured, the total number is still 7,359.

Currently, 22,388 actively infected people have been confirmed in Slovakia.

The number of confirmed deaths related to Covid-19 remains at 88.

There are 633 patients hospitalized in hospitals, and 532 have confirmed Covid-19 disease.

21 people are hospitalized at JIS, 51 patients need the support of artificial lung ventilation.

Most cases occurred in the Žilina Region (509), followed by the Prešov Region (342), the Trenčín Region (157) and the Košice Region (142).

Thus, 484 infected people were added to eastern Slovakia.


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