In Tivoli no surprise: ACH Volley stopped Gasparini and the #foto party


In the hot showdown of the 6th round of the 1st DOL, the volleyball players of ACH Volley in Tivoli were 3: 1 in sets better than Calcite Volley, which put together a very strong team before the season. The Orange Dragons are now alone at the top of the list, while Merkur Maribor has climbed to second place. Kamničani fell to third place.

The people of Ljubljana and Kamnik put together a respectable team this year and their fans could hardly wait for their first match. This was not particularly high quality, both teams still have a lot of reserves, but it was interesting and full of twists and turns. The little things were decisive, the hosts were mostly more collected in the end of the series, which brought them a prestigious victory.

Both teams showed great desire, but also made quite a few mistakes. At the beginning, Kamničani had the initiative, leading to the result of 14:17, but then the home team overtook them mainly thanks to the services of Gregor Ropret and Jure Okroglič, they took the lead with 19:18. Božidar Vučićević continued with an excellent execution of the initial shots, finishing the set with two aces.

The guests also opened the second set better, leading 6: 2, with Mitja Gaspari’s serves and blocks also 15: 8. They kept the advantage until the end, but did not continue the good game at the beginning of the third set. The rival escaped them, leading by five points, but at the end Calcit approached, reaching the result 23:22, but there was no turnaround.

Photo gallery from the match in Tivoli (photo: Matic Klanšek Velej / Sportida):

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The fourth set had a similar course, before the final Kamničani even had a minimal advantage, but Vučićević returned the advantage to the side of Ljubljana, and with a block the Iranian in the home team Amir Hossein Toukteh ended the equalized match. Matej Kök proved himself in the Ljubljana team with 21 points, while Gasparini scored an even more point, scoring four aces in the statistics.

“We were a shade better”

“It’s always nice to win and we’re in a club like that, it’s a matter of habit and it’s right that such habits stay. The pressure was on ourselves to play a good game with all the problems we have again. But anyway, I am satisfied with the attitude, approach and of course the result, because Calcit Volley has a great team with Mitja Gasparini at the helm. Köka. We are satisfied, it was a step in the right direction, “the ACH Volley coach summed up his thoughts after the match. Matija Pleško.

Matija Pleško is often not satisfied, today he laughed a little for the first time this season.

Matija Pleško is often not satisfied, today he laughed a little for the first time this season.
Photo: Matic Klanšek Velej / Sportida

Krka on the wings of Drobnič until the first victory

In Saturday’s second match, Krka surprised Salonit and scored its first point of the season. In the first set, she took advantage of the mood of the Primorska players, who probably registered points before the match, and completely outplayed them. When Kanalci won the next two draws, it looked like things would fall into place, but Krka returned to the game and came away with a surprising victory. Mainly thanks to the excellent block.

With 31 points, he was the most efficient for Novo mesto Sergey Drobnich, Zlatko Pulko scored 20, Fran Peterlin and Matic Vrtovec contributed 21 for Salonit.

Already on Thursday, Maribor celebrated in an interesting Styrian derby in Hoče.

1. DOL, Men, Round 6:

Thursday, October 15:
Wants: Merkur Maribor 0: 3 (-16, -23, -22)
Pušnik and Pesti 10; Mozic 16, Ikhbayri 15

Saturday, October 17:
Krka : Salonit Anhovo 3:2 (16, -23, -21, 20, 16)
Drobnič 31, Pulko 20, Erpič 15; Peterlin and Vrtovec 21

ACH volley : Calcit Volley 3:1 (20, -18, 23, 25)
Kök 20, Okroglič and Vučičević 13; Gasparini 22, Kos and Štalekar 12

Wednesday, November 4:
20.00 Panvita Pomgrad – House on wheels Triglav


1. ACH Volley 6 matches – 15 points
2. Merkur Maribor 6 – 13
3. Calcit Volley 6 – 12
4. Salonit Anhovo 6 – 9
5. Panvita Pomgrad 5 – 7
6. Motor home Triglav 4 – 4
7. Wants 5 – 4
8. Krka 6 – 2


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