Infected Ronaldo said: He advises how to prevent coronavirus


today 17:57

Portuguese footballer in the service of Juventus Turin Cristiano Ronaldo (35), who is infected with coronavirus, spoke. He advises his fans on how to avoid this infection. He revealed the most important thing and that’s not all!

Star football striker Cristiano Ronaldo, like many others, did not avoid the coronavirus. He has had to take a break from football for a while, but he is still trying to pay attention to the fans. This time he talked about the infection and gives the world advice, which he tried on his own. Zabrali …

The first is vitamin D. “The sun helps a lot,” revealed a Portuguese native who is convinced that vitamin D from the sun significantly supports the immune system. This is very important for defeating the virus.

It also draws attention to the intake of healthy food and general eating or living habits. “Eat lots of vegetables, mostly green.” adds Ronaldo, who also revealed his daily menu to the world. She wants to inspire her fans with it.


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