Israel announces official start of diplomatic relations with Bahrain


Israel announced that the official start of its diplomatic relations with Bahrain will begin this Sunday (18th) at a ceremony held in Manama.

The two countries reached an agreement last month, with the mediation of the United States, to normalize diplomatic ties.

According to the AFP agency, a delegation from Israel and Bahrain authorities will sign a “joint document” establishing “full diplomatic relations”. After signing, the two nations will be able to open embassies mutually.

In addition to Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, also mediated by US President Donald Trump, signed an agreement to normalize relations with Israel. Through the pact, Israel pledged to suspend the annexation of territories in the West Bank.

Previously, the only Arab states that had diplomatic ties normalized with the Israelis were Egypt and Jordan.

The Palestinians, in turn, condemned the Golf countries that signed an agreement with Israel. For their leaders, the initiatives were a “coup” against the pretensions of establishing an independent Palestinian state.


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