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The still undecided duel between ex-spouses Johnny Depp and Amber Heard also has its celebrity followers. One of them, singer Sia, recently clearly declared support for the Hollywood actor.

Singer Sia at the Billboard Music Awards. Autor: SITA / AP, Rich Polk

Deppa has been accused by his ex-wife Amber Heard of physical and mental violence, and a court hearing was held in London a few months ago. In doing so, however, Depp defended himself against the British daily The Sun and its publishing house for calling it a “wife fighter”.

In addition, the couple is suing each other for damaging the reputation or harm they have suffered as part of their life together and alleged mental and physical abuse. Both of the ex-spouses blame the other.

However, the singer Sia, who appeared at the Billboard Music Awards a few days ago, has already chosen a party. She clearly stood up for Johnny Depp, indirectly indicating that actress Amber Heard was a liar and manipulator. “I would like to show my public support to Johhny Depp. To be clear, I’d still like to wash him and give him down all the chicks he’s hanging, but he’s obviously the victim. After listening to the recordings, I see it this way, “Sia commented on Twitter.

She came across records from 2015 published by the Daily Mail, which were created by a couple therapist and were recorded with mutual consent on Heard’s phone. However, it is not known how the tabloid portal obtained them from there.

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