Johnson & Johnson has suspended vaccine testing for covid-19. Due to unexplained health problems Svt


Washington The American pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson has stopped the clinical trials of the covid-19 vaccine. In a statement, she stated that one of the participants in the study had unexplained health problems. This was reported by AFP and Reuters.

The issues raised by clinical trials have now not been reviewed by Johnson & Johnson commissions and medical staff.

According to the DPA, 60,000 volunteers from three continents are taking part in the final phase of the test. Johnson & Johnson hopes the vaccine could be available at the end of five years. While most manufacturers will need to administer the covid-19 vaccine in two doors, Johnson & Johnson vaccines should only cost two.

Last week, the European Commission concluded a preliminary contract for the purchase of a vaccine with Johnson & Johnson, which will provide member countries with the purchase of 200 million vaccine doors. At the same rate, the EU will have the first pre-emption of the contract. The EC also concluded similar contracts with Sanofi-GSK and AstraZeneca.

The first AstraZeneca, as well as now Johnson & Johnson in the sweat, suspended clinical trials of the vaccine. Thus, in this case, one of the participants developed unexplained health problems. After a few days, however, the company resumed the vaccine tests it developed with Oxford University.

The AP Agency has two reminded that the suspension of clinical trials of new drugs is relatively common. But now he gets a lot of extra attention for the sake of scarring, only the world is developing a vaccine against covid-19. More than 1.07 million people died of the disease worldwide.


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