Kacin explained why the government rushed to declare an epidemic


Prime Minister Janez Janša surprised on Sunday after 8 pm with the news that an epidemic will be declared for the whole of Slovenia for the next 30 days from Monday. Government speaker Jelko Kacin is from Brda, where the government session is taking place, in recent reports on Television Slovenia explained why the government hastened to declare an epidemic.

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“European leaders have assessed the situation inside Europe. It was agreed that countries should be as uniform as possible in their action, so we declared an epidemic so that we would have a legal basis for the measures that would follow. Based on this, the national civil protection plan can be activated and the mayors will have a structure ready to help and take action if things get worse, “said Kacin, explaining that only the official declaration of the epidemic will take place on Monday.

What does the epidemic mean for staff and schoolchildren?

From Monday, everything will be as it is, so children up to the fifth grade will go to school, said Kacin. As far as employees are concerned, they go to work, with the government urging all employers to make all those who work in offices work from home so that there will be as little socializing and travel as possible.
The numbers for Sunday will not be a record, but they will be a record for Monday. Thus, we review all plans, and especially the plans of urgently needed hospital beds for patients with covid-19.

New measures will be gradually activated in the coming days. According to Kacin, the measures will be selective and will be elaborated in the coming days. “With all that has been shown in the last two, three days, how many people have started wearing the mask, how we are acting more self-protectively, I think we are on the right track and some measures will simply not need to be announced or at least not yet,” he stated.


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