Klopp after the draw: It was the best outdoor derby, Everton is now amazing


Peter Byrne, Reuters

“First we lost Virgil in a situation where VAR didn’t get involved. Then we might have injured another player (Alcantara), for which it was red, and then we scored a regular goal that didn’t pay. Obviously it wasn’t our day, but we showed the kind of performance I wanted to see, “said Liverpool’s Klopp website.

“It was the best outdoor derby since I was in Liverpool. Top football, we collected goals due to the strength of Everton,” added the German coach. The derby took place on the day exactly five years after his first match on the “Reds” bench. Also then, Liverpool drew in an outdoor league duel (0-0 with Tottenham).

Liverpool’s German coach Jürgen Klopp during the Premier League match on the field of the city rival from Everton.

Catherine Ivill, Reuters

He was pleased that his charges had recovered from a crushing defeat with Aston Villa. “I wasn’t surprised by the reaction of the players. That’s exactly what I wanted to see, but it’s still just a draw. Everton is amazing right now, he’s on the run and winning,” said Klopp.

Liverpool led twice, but the “Caramels”, which won all four opening rounds, always responded. With 1 – 0, the visitors missed Van Dijk, who was fought hard by the goalkeeper Jordan Pickford in the penalty area. However, due to the offside, the referee did not examine whether it was a penalty. The Dutch national team had to take turns and, according to British media speculation, he may be out of the game for seven to eight months with a damaged knee. The club has not yet announced the extent of his injuries and the length of his absence.

It doesn’t look good with a Dutch star

“I don’t know how serious it is with Virgil, but it’s not good. It happened very quickly. From what I saw, it was a clear penalty, but then the referee waved offside. Even so, I thought it was worth a look. “We can’t do anything about it,” Klopp said.

Everton finished from the 90th minute without the excluded Richarlison, who fouled Thiag. Captain Jordan Henderson used the power play in the setup after Sadio Mané’s pass. However, the goal did not pay due to Mané’s offside, although according to repeated shots he was at the level of home players.

“After the match, I came to the locker room, people were standing around the laptop, so I asked what was going on. They told me they played the situation and didn’t understand why the offside was whistling. Look, I’m a real VAR supporter, but you expect him to decide correctly, especially when it comes to offside, “said Klopp.

“We once scored a goal on Aston Villa, but he didn’t pay because of his armpits. It sounded funny, but we understood. This time I didn’t see anything from the repeated shots, no offside. Since then, I’ve done ten interviews and everyone has told me that offside Of course, it won’t lift my spirits, “said the best coach of 2019 according to the FIFA world federation.


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