Krimovka after -6 made a turnaround for the first victory of the season


Krimovka won for the first time in the new season of the Champions League. Before that, they pinched off a point for Rostov. The first scorer of the match was the Frenchwoman Oceane Sercien Ugolin with seven goals. Photo:

For the first time this season, Uroš Bregar’s team was in the role of paper favorites. But this was not seen on the field at first, they could not develop their game in the first half, they made just beginner’s mistakes, played statically and predictably, and all this is their rivals from Germany, who always remained empty in the first four games of the Champions League. deadline, they knew how to use it to their advantage.

Krimovka were 5: 7 behind in the 10th minute, but then the gap was constantly growing. The Slovenian champions scored a critical point in the 25th minute (9:15), and at the end of the first half of the match their gap was four goals (12:16).

Circle striker Valentina Klemenčič's action.  Photo:

Circle striker Valentina Klemenčič’s action. Photo:

Risović’s defense, Svetikova equalized at 21:21
At the beginning of the second half, Bregar’s protégés raised the level of the game sharply, and goalkeeper Jovana Risović also reached the right working temperature. In the 42nd minute, they halved the gap (18:20), five minutes later after the goal of the circular striker Valentine Klemenčič, they completely breathed a sigh of relief against the rivals from Germany (20:21), and a minute later, after a goal by Maja Svetik, they equalized at 21:21.

The first lead of Crimea in the 55th minute
The turning points of the match were marked by the Ljubljana team, which took the first lead in the match (25:24) in the 55th minute after the goal of the Frenchwoman Oceana Sercien Ugolin from the penalty spot. Collectively and prudently, they also played in the playoffs, when they broke the resistance of the Germans and inflicted their fifth defeat of the season.

In the Ljubljana team, the most efficient players in today’s match were Oceane Sercien Ugolin with seven and Maja Pletikosić with six goals.

Krimovka shot Bietigheim for the first victory of the season

Uroš Bregar, coach of Krim Mercator:We had in our heads that we had to win. Tactically, we were already at a satisfactory level in the first half. Unfortunately, we did not realize all the planned campaigns, we also had some luck with the penalties. Nevertheless, we always believed in victory and we were really happy about it in the end. “

Nina Žabjek, captain of Krim Mercator: “We entered the game badly, we didn’t score many throws. Although we didn’t play the way we should, we are happy with the victory and the first two points we won in Stožice.”


GROUP A, 5th round

28:26 (12:16)

Mercator Cream: Vojnovic, Risovic, da Silva Vieira 5, Juric 1, Sercien Ugolin 7, Abina, Zabjek, Pletikosic 6, van Kreij 2, Klemencic 4, Konatar 1, Ljepoja, Kojic, Vucko, Gomilar Zickero, Svetik 2.

Bietigheim: Sando, Berger, Lauenroth 5, Lbody 2, Schulze 6, Naidzinavicius 6, Patorra, Reimer, Smits 2, Salamakha, Jensen, Maidhof 5, Braun.

Penalties: 7/9; 3/3
Exclusions: 4 min; 6 min

ROSTOV – METZ 30:26 (16:12)
Stanko 6 for Metz.



The order: Rostov 7, Kristiansand 6, Bucharest and Metz after 4, Crimea 3, Esbjerg and Ferencros after 2, Bietigheim 0.


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