Lacko finished second in the main race in Hungary, the same place belongs to him in the European Championships


Buggyra media

The main Kiss race dominated the start-finish style. In the second, in which the elite eight starts in the opposite order and there are half points in the game, he managed to move forward quickly and finished for the third triumph of the four races at the Hungaroring.

“Saturday was better, although it seemed at the start that I would get in front of Kiss, but in the end there was about a quarter of a meter missing so that I could join him. And then he started leaving me just like I did to him in the wet yesterday. On the other hand, Jochen and I raced beautifully, in the end it turned out well and I finished in second place, “Adam Lacko describes the first Sunday race in which he started from the front row.

Adam Lacko on the podium in Hungary.

Buggyra media

The Buggyra riders did well on the wet track on Saturday. Unfortunately, the forecast for him did not come true even in the afternoon on Sunday, so the second race went dry.

“This time without a cup, a potato rung, but for me probably the most interesting race of the weekend, a lot of fights, Steffi and I rode perhaps three quarters of a lap side by side. Unfortunately, Kiss won, so he already leads the championship, but we still improved here against Most, so I’m satisfied, “sums up Lacko.

Not all days are over

His teammate Téo Calvet is also satisfied. “Starting from the first place was definitely a challenge for me and I would say that I did well, but then Antonio surprised me and then everyone else rushed in from behind. Really hard, so in the end it’s sixth overall. However, I won the GoodYear Cup, which is the most important thing for me this season, “points out the Frenchman.

On the first day at the Hungaroring, Lacko took the lead in the European Truck Championship

“In the fourth race, I drove a few turns further before I was hit again by the same rider and again did not withstand the rubber. This time, however, it wasn’t even up to reach, so I didn’t finish the race. I’m not particularly satisfied with the overall result, but I definitely gained a lot of experience, which is always useful, “says Aliyyah Kolocová.

“For the whole team, I think we can evaluate the racing weekend at the Hungaroring positively. It’s a pity that Adam didn’t keep the lead in the championship, but it’s not the end of all days and we are already looking forward to the next race in Misano, “concludes Jan Kalivoda, Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team manager.

European Truck Racing Championship at Hungaroring:
3rd ride:
1. Kiss (Hungarian / MAN) 25: 28,497
2. Lacko (CZ / Buggyra) -13,035
3. Hahn (DEU / Iveco) -15,146
…8. Calvet (Fr./Buggyra) -57,888
11. Kolocová (CZ / Buggyra) -1: 42,185
4th ride:
1. Kiss 25:39,116
2. Hahn -11,547
3. Janiec (Fr./MAN) -19,323
4. Lacko -22,205
…6. Calvet -38,932, Kolocová did not finish
Current ranking of ME:
1. Kiss 92
2. Lacko 86
3. Hahn 72
…8. Calvet 26
13. Kolocová 5


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