Leading Mura lost again, drooling at the top after the victories of Olimpija and Maribor


In the last match of the 7th round of the First League of Telekom Slovenije, the leading Mura suffered its second consecutive championship defeat. In the Pheasantry, she was defeated by Aluminum. Olimpija, which defeated the champions from Celje 1-0 in the derby of the round, and Maribor, which eliminated Gorica away 4-0 away on Saturday, are only one point behind the first place. So it is with Tabor, who beat Bravo 2-0 at home today. In the second match on Saturday, Koper eliminated Domžale 2-0.

After losing to Bravo before the national team break, the leading Mura was left without a single point for the second time in a row. She lost 1: 2 at home to Aluminij on Sunday night. Kidričani took the lead for the first time after 27 minutes of the match, when he scored from eleven meters Lucas Mario Horvat. Five minutes later, it was already 1: 1, when he turned Mura’s beautiful action into a goal Kevin Žižek.

This was not the last goal of the first half, as in the 43rd minute there was a new change in the scoreboard. After a solo action, he scored for the new management of Aluminij Tilen Oven and, as it turned out about an hour later, also set the final score of the match.

Tilno Pečnik’s winning goal in Murska Sobota:

Such an outcome of the match in Murska Sobota made sure that we now have a big crowd at the top of the table. Mura is still the leader, but Tabor, Olimpija and Maribor are breathing behind them with a point behind them.

The winner of the derby between Olimpija and Celje in Stožice was decided by Miral Samardžić with a goal in the 85th minute.
Photo: Žiga Zupan / Sportida

Samardžić in the style of a real striker for important three points

Olimpija defeated Celje 1-0 in the derby of the round in Stožice and came to the third victory in the last four championship matches, in which they won ten points. The team from Ljubljana was better than the champions, who did not show much this time, but they reached the decisive goal just before the end of the match.

The decisive goal of Miral Samardžić in Stožice:

In the 85th minute, the increasing pressure of Olimpija against the goal was cashed in Miral Samardzic, who struck attractively around the corner Mihaila Caimacova. The captain of Olimpija scored the first goal in the Slovenian first league competition, but scored attractively, in the style of the best strikers.

Robert Koren


The legendary captain explained why he could no longer stay in Celje

Tabor won again in Sežana, where we saw a goal in the style of Ačimović

In the first match on Sunday, Tabor in Sežana came to the fourth home victory this season, after winning the team, which is a pleasant surprise of the season, with a 2-0 victory. First, with the third championship goal of the season in the middle of the first half, the Greek Christos Rovas scored and the result remained unchanged until the last minute of the match, but then we saw the goal as we rarely see it.

Leon Sever’s goal in the style of Milenko Ačimović:

After a big mistake by goalkeeper Bravo Mitja Orbanić came to the ball just before the middle of the field Leon Sever, shot and – hit. A goal reminiscent of an unforgettable goal Mistress Acimovic in the extra qualifying match for the 2000 European Championships for a 2-1 victory over Ukraine at the legendary Bežigrad in November 1999.

Rudi Požeg Vancaš proved himself in Nova Gorica with a masterful goal and a nice assist.

Rudi Požeg Vancaš proved himself in Nova Gorica with a masterful goal and a nice assist.
Photo: Blaž Weindorfer / Sportida

Mauro Camoranesi - NK Maribor


Camoranesi is even more convinced that Maribor is going in the right direction

Camoranesi’s Maribor was convincing this time

Both Saturday’s matches of the Slovenian championship were in Primorska.

In the evening, Maribor is on the bench, where the coach is after only two points in the last three games Moorish Camoranese before visiting Nova Gorica, the water was already flowing down his throat, easily beating Gorica, which is obviously facing a convulsive struggle for survival, as it remains at only four points.

The returnees from the first league did not offer any special resistance to Maribor this time either, who reached the first goal at half time, when they confirmed their excellent shooting form. Nemanja Mitrovic. After scoring two goals in a friendly match against San Marino in Slovenia last week, he scored in the 16th minute.

Masterpiece by Rudi Požeg Vancaš in Nova Gorica:

In the second half, Maribor increased the lead in the 62nd minute, when they took care of a real masterpiece with the first championship goal of the season. Rudi Požeg Vancaš and reminded of the form from a good year ago, when in the 2018/19 season he was chosen as the best individual of the First League of Telekom Slovenije. In the 75th minute, he scored from the penalty spot Jasmin Mešanović, hit again Rock Kronaveter, the point on the high victory of the purple team was set by Požeg Vancaš after a nice pass Denis Klinar in the 84th minute.

Mura Black Gringos fans


Sports events again without spectators

NK Bravo: ND Gorica, first league


There is another coronavirus infection in Gorizia, but the match with Maribor is not endangered

The former Maribor striker brought victory to Koper

In the first match on Saturday, the newcomer among the first division teams of Koper hosted Domžale, which again lags behind expectations and does not show the best image. This was also the case this time at Bonifika, where Koper, who reached a point in Kidričevo during the week in a backlog, came to a 2-0 victory after scoring both goals in the match. Nardin Mulahusejnović.

Nardin Mulahusejnović’s first goal in the match in Koper:

The Bosnian striker, who moved to Koper from Maribor, scored first in the first and then at the beginning of the second half, thus reaching the fourth and fifth championship goals of the season and jumping to the top of the scorers’ list. With the second victory of the season, the first at their stadium, Koper skipped Domžale, which remained without a victory in the third game in a row.

First League of Telekom Slovenije, 7th round:

Saturday, October 17:
Copper : Domžale 2:0 (1:0)
Mulahusejnović 26., 52.

Gorica: Maribor 0: 4 (0:1)
Mitrović 16., Požeg Vancaš 62., Kronaveter 75./11m, Klinar 84.

Sunday, October 18:
Tabor Sežana : Bravo 2:0 (1:0)
Rovas 24., Sever 90.

Olympia : Celje 1:0 (0:0)
Samardzic 85.

If: Aluminum 1: 2 (1:2)
Žižek 32; Horvat 27./11m, Pečnik 43.


Top scorers:5 – Nardin Mulahusejnović (Koper),
4 – Djordje Ivanovic (Olympia),
3 – Andrija Filipović (Mura), Dario Kolobarić (Domžale), Nino Kouter (Mura), Rok Kronaveter (Maribor), Jasmin Mešanović (Maribor), Christos Rovas (Tabor), Žan Žužek (Koper)

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Olimpija: Celje 1: 0

Tabor: Bravo 2: 0:

Gorica: Maribor 0: 4:

Koper: Domzale 2: 0:

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