Let’s close all the restaurants that are the focus of the infection


Despite the growing number of people infected with the new coronavirus, the Minister of Economy Richard Sulík (SaS) does not think that the decision of the Chief Hygienist to close restaurants, fitness centers, theaters or cinemas was the right one.

Even after a week, he believes that the restrictions should have been limited to outbreaks. The Minister said this in Sunday’s discussion session O five minutes 12 on RTVS.

Sulík commented on information about the sources of the infection, which was published by hygienists at the beginning of the week. “I blamed myself for the fact that they register five restaurants that are the outbreak. Let’s close all the restaurants that are the outbreak, if that’s not enough, we’ll close the surrounding districts.” said Sulík.

The Minister rejected the comparison with the surrounding countries, where, for example, restaurants in the Czech Republic were also closed. “Each country decides for itself. Each country has its own experts and its own specific situation.” stressed Sulík, noting that the Czech Republic, for example, has several times more infections than Slovakia.

According to him, the closure of facilities should be limited to the most infected districts and should not affect the whole country. “To this day, I don’t see it as meaningful, even though we have two thousand infected a day,” added Sulík.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament and former Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (non-attached) partially agreed with Sulík and thinks that the measures should not be decided only by Prime Minister Igor Matovič (OĽANO).

It was based on an older decision of the chief hygienist to limit the number of people at weddings, which Matovič further mitigated.

Sulík reminded that some measures, such as the decision on comprehensive testing, were discussed in advance by the government and only then announced by the Prime Minister. However, this was not the case with the closure of operations.

Pellegrini does not think that the government can function in the long run without consensus on fundamental measures. He also criticized the lack of assistance to entrepreneurs presented by the government.

“The measures presented are only cosmetic,” Pellegrini claimed. For example, the closure of restaurants will have an impact not only on chefs and waiters, but especially in the case of larger hotels, for example, on laundries and suppliers of other services.

Pellegrini does not like the fact that the government is not communicating enough and does not have clear plans for the future. He reminded that in Austria, for example, ski resort operators know the conditions under which they will be able to open.

According to Sulík, the measures will have a major impact on entrepreneurs. He didn’t dare say how many restaurants go bankrupt, for example, but he thinks that there will be more than a thousand establishments so far.


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