Letter from the head of the University College Ljubljana to the whole of Slovenia: Our generation has never seen anything like it


“In the coming weeks, we will go through our generation never seen before and through something that no one could prepare us for. In two to three weeks we will live a period full of impossible obstacles. Although I wish I was wrong, the statistics are in the case Unfortunately, epidemics are usually infallible, “wrote Janez Poklukar, director general of the University College Ljubljana, in a public letter to all the people of Slovenia.

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Prostitutes, anointers, Khrushchev and Zlatko




“I see the virus as a parasite of humanity that ignores the differences between us. It spreads regardless of the borders of countries or municipalities. It doesn’t care if we are in the autumn of life, entrepreneurial stars at the peak of power or young people in their prime. a number we circled or not on the last election Sunday. He doesn’t care if we believe in it or not. He attacks everyone in solidarity, the oldest will only be the first among the victims. Even today, self-evident interventions may become difficult to achieve as all staff lives in the epidemic, “Poklukar said, adding:

“Humanity has overcome the greatest challenges of the past – black goats, the Spanish flu and Nazism. We came together on the first day of our statehood, which drove us forward regardless of differences. end up as winners because we will respond in solidarity. ”

Miha Mazzini (suitable for TOP 2)

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Miha Mazzini: Russian roulette as a national sport




“Masks will again become just a carnival custom”

According to him, one day we will be able to encourage our eagles in Planica again, celebrate the New Year in the crowds of the city streets and gather in groups behind the home. Skiing, trips to the sea or visits to concerts and theaters will, as he says, be taken for granted again, and masks will again become just a carnival custom.

Fisherman Nabarima


“It’s scary what we found out, but we have to tell you the truth”




“Even in these difficult conditions, new life is born”

“We will not be led there by the great deeds of great individuals, but on the contrary – small sacrifices of each of us. We will succeed in solidarity in struggle, determination and hope. Even in these difficult conditions a new life is born – the first smile a newborn sees through spacesuit, is no less honest, “he is convinced.

At the end of the letter, he thanked everyone for all the help, encouragement and support they have and will receive: “Healthcare professionals can only help as much as the community behind us helps us. Take care of yourself, your loved ones and your surroundings. ”


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