Lidl has the cheapest dual Qi charger. It costs only 399 CZK –


Samsung charges CZK 1,600 for a dual wireless charger, but you can get similar accessories four times cheaper. The Lidl Shop offer included a dual Qi mat from the Silvercrest brand (belongs to Lidla) for CZK 399. This is almost at the level of “no name” products sent from China.

However, the advantage of Silvercrest is the three-year warranty and the obtained Wireless Power Consortia certification that it is fully compatible with Qi charging, including the so-called Extended Power Profile. The output power is not only the basic 5 W, but exactly 10 W. On both surfaces at the same time. Dual charging comes in handy if, in addition to your mobile phone, you also have a smart watch or headphones that support Qi.

The Silvercrest charger measures 180 × 85 × 10 mm and is available in black with a silver or copper accent. It has two LEDs and a cable with USB-A (on the adapter side) and USB-C (on the charger side) terminals. However, the adapter is not included.

Xiaomi already has a 40 W charger:


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