Life with him is unbearable, says partner Emma –


Jordan Haj (32) in the last episode Your Face Has a Famous Voice played the late singer Amy Winehouse (✝27), with the song Valerie he lifted the jury from his chairs and deserved a big round of applause and standing ovation. Moreover, this transformation suited Haj unbelievably. Few would guess that there is a man under the disguise of a fragile singer. The singer’s girlfriend Emma Smetana (32) also appeared on her face.

18. 10. 2020 10.33 | Written by Markéta Kuča

Saturday’s episode Your Face My Famous Voice was full of surprises. Of all the numbers, Jitka Čvančarová (42) shone the most, transforming into Cardi B and performing a phenomenal performance. But her big competition was Jordan Haj.

He portrayed a deceased singer with the tragic fate of Amy Winehouse (27). The jury was right next to the singer’s performance and Jordan earned huge applause while standing and the most points of all the contestants. His disguise was perfect and the transformation very successful.


Jitka Čvančarová performed a hot show in Your face has a familiar voice: Boobs scrambled out through a corset

This time the singer came to support his girlfriend and mother of his daughter, moderator Emma Smetana (32). “I’ve been admiring him for seven weeks now, and I mean it. I know that whatever I say sounds sarcastic and ironic, but I sincerely admire him and I support him a lot, “ Emma said.

Emma is a big fan of Jordan, but at the same time she admitted that life with him is a bit of hell at the moment. “Life with him is unbearable, but that was to be expected.” she added humorously.



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