Like in Asia. Biologist Flegr calls for monitoring people and their payments


“The time has come for some important civil rights to be curtailed within the already declared state of emergency,” says Jaroslav Flegr, professor of biology at the Faculty of Science of Charles University. According to Flegr, the state should be able to use non-anonymized data about citizens as in Asia. It also expects further waves of coronavirus. He wrote it on his Facebook.

Flegr writes at the beginning of the status that he is embarking on thin ice. He points out that, for example, the right of assembly is currently restricted, and the state is interfering with the freedom of establishment and other aspects of everyday life. According to him, there is also a curfew in the horizon of days.

“I think that in a situation like today’s, it is also necessary to temporarily limit the protection of privacy. In particular, state authorities should be allowed to use non-anonymized information about the location of individuals from mobile phones and banking transactions. Such an invasion of privacy in fact, it has enabled the developed Asian states to incredibly streamline the search for new infections and thus defeat the covid epidemic, “the educator writes on the social network.

At the same time, he adds that this invasion of privacy would have to be conditioned by strict law, which, according to him, would not be enough to be introduced for the current wave of the epidemic. “But this wave is not the last. Another one will almost certainly await us in the season of respiratory diseases, ie from the end of November to the beginning of March. should have become a permanent part of the pandemic plan (when something like this finally arises in our country), “says Flegr.

The reactions did not take long. Former Minister of Health for the CSSD Svatopluk Němeček, for example, commented on the status on Twitter. “This is atrocity … Or the expulsion of cholera by the plague. But he knows that this cannot pass … He just wants to attract attention,” the politician writes.

Flegr published his controversial post on Saturday night. An anti-government demonstration against “totalitarian regulations” is to take place in Prague’s Old Town Square on Sunday. Police officers from all over the country will come to the metropolis for it. Police chief Jan Švejdar informed that hundreds of them will be called to the scene. He also told the participants to “think”. The action seeks to disagree with government measures against coronavirus. It is organized by the Civic Dissatisfaction Movement (HON) and is joined by football and hockey fans. Thousands of people are interested in the event on Facebook.


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