Luk Vorlick in Bergamo: Serie A will not be allowed


He gets to know the football story closely, which amazes the world with its offensive concept of the game and the results as 5: 2, 6: 3 or 4: 1.

Vs for a change mon wonders how it looks in Bergamo. Vorlick drank there from Zbrojovka Brno last year, he ran with him on trninky and this year he extended his contract until 2025.

Did the predictions come true and go home together?
The run is left, that’s clear. Especially games like those who have a balloon, your game and two gly, the defenders don’t have much money. I recognized it right after the match, when I put two or three glyphs in Italy, and from the 4th round I was personally searched, doubled. Then it’s about cleverness and the ability to react.

Do you hone this skill of escaping on the thorn?
The coach of Gian Piero Gasperini often repeats that he does not want to fight. Brno loses ourselves so we don’t hurt each other. There are fights that you must not let go of and it is not advisable to lose them, but it is not happening that anyone would miss the thorns.

Enough football players who have peeked abroad, it describes the outburst. Riding like in the waist, no one is with anyone, except for thorns.
In kadm club it can be different. Somewhere such a deployed help, boys put on. We don’t confuse it with introspection and intensity, it’s huge here. But go to someone on a thorn? Gasperini doesn’t want to see that.

How is he fighting for revenge in Bergamo?
Put a lot on physical training here, a lot of bhme. There you can see it now. About twice a week we have as a bite of thorn some kind of exercise, where no one gives up anything and goes for blood.

Since June, Bergam and I have been preparing for the Champions League, where I did not go in the end, but I was with the whole time and until I left for Lisbon with darkness.

Sthte the pace of Italian football?
I had the whole summer to get used to the injuries again, I spent June and July with the first darkness. It was a lot of nrons for the first two weeks, because you can’t stop here. I didn’t have a problem with football in terms of others, technique and washing, for my age (185 cm) I was also fast. Speed ​​tests are the best in the academy. Only condin it was t 잚. Today it’s fine, I also played well in my right back.

Pat vm u msto v kdru Bergama pro Serii A?
When we signed the new contract, we agreed that I would jump between the village and the darkness of Primavera, which is such a nineteen. We also talked about hosting a place in Serie A, but in the end the first variant strengthened. Re-cutting in Primavee, I spend more time with spikes with time and long time.

It sounds like a promising scene at your age.
I’m a young boy, and at the age of seventeen I had an unpleasant injury (petren metal vase) and I spent the whole season. I was happy, but no one probably expected that after such a year I would be in preparation with the first darkness. Since June, Bergam and I have been preparing for the Champions League, where I did not go in the end, but I was with them all the time and until I left for Lisbon. Don’t put pressure on yourself, after such an injury, take a moment on your thorns and back.

How does Primavera work in Bergamo?
It is for games up to 19 years of age, with them I can play even above this age limit. It is connected to kem. often we all hang out or play together. It is connected there on a daily basis.

Are you pounding Primavera back against Atalanta’s first darkness?
Whoever did not show up for the Serie A match is playing back on the next spin against some of our younger ones. Then there are other types of trnr, where the trenr chooses you one armor and one elephant to them. And then there are other blackberries, where it doesn’t matter, all you need to do is determine a number of games, they split up and have a fight among themselves so that they can see.

Did you dare with this preparation for the trip to the Champions League?
After a long injury, a lot of people asked me if you could. I was fine. We know our qualities at the same time as their shortcomings. (smv) When I took part in the preparations for the Champions League match against PSG and I was at the tactical team, I thought about whether I would fly to Lisbon too. For them? Of course I knew I wouldn’t play, but I knew I would stay in the dark. About two days before the trip I played Gasperini trainer with the fact that he is very happy, I am with them, but that I will train in Bergamo to prepare for the season. see you in z.

Freeze it?
A little yes, but I haven’t played in a year, and when my coach says that, it means that in mind. I was in the dark again, just as he had said.

The encouraging sign had to be sure that you signed the contract, even if you were poured for a year.
During that year I received two offers for an extended contract, I also had no doubt that mm from the club yard. They took care of me, they commissioned me to have surgery in Barcelona with a specialist. Then they gave me a five-year contract. I was supposed to be nominated for the first time of the season in Turn, but I got to the operated knee first before that year and it stopped me for two weeks.

Why did you first go to Bergamo two years ago, when you left Zbrojovka?
For a long time I had offers from Sparta and Slavia. On the fifteenth day, when abroad begins to watch the game, I had offers from a lot of clubs. I could go to Juventus, Inter, Liverpool, Dortmund … but at that moment we decided with a dark realized darkness for a not so big and well-known team, which we knew would be big in the foreseeable future. We knew that Atalanta would be where he is today, we knew his philosophy.

How are you?
Its goal is to play as much as possible in professional football. Someone can do it in Bergamo, someone else. Kamard Dejan Kulusevski, widow, two years old, went from there to a guesthouse in Parma, and last year Juventus bought it for 40 million euros. Eighteen years old Amad Traor el to Manchester United for 30 million euros. Atalanta is so full of me to get to anyone here, or to make one of these guys. Make me a professional footballer. I decided on time and I’m still drunk today.

Thanks to that, you were able to watch closely the even explosion in Bergamo. Where in the Italian darkness did dv gl come as a hockey must?
It’s a massacre, isn’t it? (smiles) I was sailing to Bergamo at a time when Atalanta was advancing to the Europa League in her first year. It was clearly thanks to Coach Gasperini. It is old, but it has an absolutely modern vision. His game is also practical, simple and primitive, but very effective. He had it all perfectly prepared. In the following years, his manuscript remained, and the club bought him a game to fit into his system. Mme Muriela, Zapatu, Iliie, Gmeze, Malinovskho, Paalie … est hr is able to play a match with Juventus on the same level as Juventus. They are not so well known to you, but they are on the same level. Cooperation within the club is great. Trenr chooses to play his system, the system fits them and that’s the impact.

Sed Italian football, rising with its fierce defensive concept, a creative game?
(smv) I hear the opinion of an eskch expert on television who wants this about Italian football, but I wouldn’t see it that way. It is also possible to conceive of walls, sometimes it is played to my taste and very simply, but for a young game for learning it is the best football I can be. As a creative child, let me do what I want to do for a ton of halves, and for things backwards he can’t do things that I can’t. Main defense and two it was bhn. Since billion, the game has been prepared here as an adult. It’s tactical, but I wouldn’t say it’s defensive.

The term Italian catenaccio, in other words zanour, but it wasn’t just for nothing, was it?
Some of the darkness, with that consent, is not entirely free to watch. But when I look at us, we have the most seasons in Serie A, and we didn’t give them a way to play defensively. This sticker is from the past, when football in Italy was tactical. It is necessary to follow certain principles of the game backwards, but on top you have games like Ilii, Gmez or Muriel and you see them playing with a balloon as you wish. He is honored by his experience.

From Zbrojovka to Europe

The Italian road is frequent, with an eclipse at the break

Luk Vorlick is one of several great talents who left Zbrojovka abroad at an early age. This is how his predecessors did and do.

  • Lubo Adamec (armadillo, 26 years)
    He was a guest from Svratka in Zbrojovka, at the age of 16 he chose to go to the Juventus Academy. He did not make it to the Italian league, he played in another five countries, including Malta, now he is without angam.
  • Antonn Svoboda (tonk, 18 let)
    Pedloni went to the Red Bull Academy Salzburg, and is now about to enter the Austrian 2nd league.
  • Adam Stejskal (brank, 18 years)
    he followed the same path as Freedom and paid for him the same.
  • Adam Obert (obrnce, 18 let)
    The Slovak ass played in the U17 category in Brno, then went to the Italian Sampdorie Genoa. Like Vorlick, he is currently succeeding the billionaire Primavera.

Come on.
For the whole two weeks we were preparing for the Champions League and the PSG, the tactics were not wasted so that we could adapt to our opponents and not lose. But N Trenr knew everybody their game in detail, and we were getting ready for how long Neymar was going, where Mbap was. It was not pehnan defensive, but a tactic in detail. I’ve been substituting against him for the game of Pae’s left hand, and I have to emphasize that our guys are of great quality. Play specific football and there is a lot to play against them.

You drink with your left hand, but you kick me with your right hand. No idea vs how you could be if you were a lion in football too?
I’m not tired of what I don’t have. My lion’s foot on being a prehistoric is very good. Of course, there are a lot of left-handed games in the world, most of them are great footballers and they will have a lot of time. The lions are great, Ilii from us is the best game I’ve seen before. And that’s what I’ve watched for good footballers … Landing with them every day, or at least as often as possible, is great.

When are we at that time with two on the left-handed game? Do you dream of hita time to look at the time?
I’ll put it simply: yes. Nobody knows what we should look like, whether we have long hair or a mole, but we know for a long time that we represent a club. Of course, this is out of the way not on nm. Personally, I don’t rate people by the way they look, it doesn’t say anything about them, but mda is the end and I follow it. I know that in the cabin you will find and whoever comes the most clothed, he will find his aces on them. It happens in a lot of football booths and in Italy to go vc.

That must be in your way. To Milna, the city of mdy, a short distance.
I’ll have something here and there, but I won’t bake it. I take it that I’m under the boy from Boskovice, who was happy to have one kick for two seasons and one shoe for winter and summer. I remember it for a while. Today, ask him, the sponsor is Nike, I can get some kicks, but I don’t want to go crazy about it. I prefer to return it to the people I am where I am, ie families and closest.

Life in Bergamo is probably the best thing to expect in the Czech Republic in five days and weeks in connection with coronavirus. How can a pandemic be managed?
I’m not a doctor or an expert. There are so many people who have a lot to do about the situation … I understand the people’s concerns, but in order for the situation not only to improve with coronavirus, it is necessary to look at how we have a set up society and how our relationships are. It is necessary from smallness, decency and humanity. Just look at how we treat each other … Coronavirus just put them from the mirrors, which show us how we are able to behave, how do we think.

What does this mean?
Assuming that the situation improves as much as possible and in general we will all move. Whenever we take it with us to change our effects on this planet. We only have one.


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