Mikas: By participating in nationwide testing, people can influence the development of a coronavirus pandemic in Slovakia


Chief Hygienist Ján Mikas calls on all Slovak citizens to take the opportunity to be tested. According to him, they may influence the further development of the pandemic in Slovakia.

As he explained in the press release, the capacities of the regional public health authorities have been overloaded for a long time, despite the extraordinary measures they have taken. The Office of Public Health (ÚVZ) of the Slovak Republic also informed that it welcomes the nationwide testing under the responsibility of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic (OS SR).

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In this context, Mikas emphasized that the ÚVZ is fully aware of the complexity and complexity of the process or challenge in the field of logistics, short preparation time, legal difficulties and other necessary tasks that need to be addressed immediately.

He explained that since the introduction of RT-PCR diagnostics in Slovakia, ÚVZ has been constantly working to increase the investigative capacity of laboratories. He added that the office also supports the introduction of antigenic tests that can identify the most infectious people well and quickly enough.

According to him, comprehensive testing of the entire population can identify thousands of infected people who have not yet been captured. “Subsequent domestic isolation of positive people has the potential to influence the current adverse developments,” explained the chief hygienist.


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