Morey thanks: Harden changed my life


A memory of 2012 when Harden came to Houston. Photo: AP

Daryl Morey he held that role for 13 years and decided to resign on Thursday.

Morey: He changed the game
In the ad, he thanked many collaborators and devoted the most space and words James Harden: “I could dedicate an entire page just to him. It not only changed my life, but it is revolutionary basketball like almost no one before him. Basketball is played differently today precisely because of James. There is no playground where young people would not imitate his move.”

Made 77 substitutions
Morey made 77 substitutions on the Houston bench, and by far the most important was the one he made in October 2012 and brought Harden to Houston. He won the award in 2018 MVP, has been the league’s top scorer for the past three years, and has been selected in one of the league’s top five eight times. Only the title of champion was missing.


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