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Cops at the spot where a man slit his throat right down the street to a high school history teacher who recently showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in his classroom in Conflans-Saint-Honorine in the northwestern part of the Paris metropolitan area.

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On Saturday, French police detained a preacher from the city of Pantin, located in the northeastern part of the Paris metropolitan area. He is being held by a tenth suspect in the case of the murder of a history teacher, which took place on Friday in the town of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.

According to TF1 television on Saturday, among the detainees are several people from the vicinity of the attacker, who was an 18-year-old young man of Chechen origin born in 2002 in Moscow.

The attack on teacher Samuel Paty caused great outrage in France.

On Friday evening, but also on Saturday morning, students and their parents gathered in front of the school building to honor the memory of the murdered man.

The hashtag #jesuisprof appeared on social networks as a sign of solidarity.

The murder of a teacher has been the fifth terrorist attack in France since the beginning of 2020.

The first took place on 3 January in Villejuif; the second on 4 April in Romans-sur-Isere; the third on April 27 in Colombes and the scene of the fourth on September 25 was the former headquarters of the editorial office of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, who at one time published controversial caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad and became the target of a terrorist command in January 2015. Twelve members of the reaction were killed, including key cartoonists.

Charlie Hebdo’s editorial report expressed horror and outrage over “the case of a teacher murdered by religious fanatics in the exercise of his profession.”

President Emmanuel Macron called the murder of teacher Paty an “assassination” and an “Islamist terrorist attack.” Among many other politicians, she was condemned by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

French Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer announced on Saturday that his colleagues and students would remember the memory of the murdered teacher in a minute’s silence on 2 November. The Elysee Palace on Saturday announced a state mourning act in honor of teacher Paty.

Minister Blanquer stated that “freedom of expression is not a marginal topic, on the contrary, it is in the center of attention.”

He added that teachers “have the right to publish” cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in class as part of their teaching. He emphasized that the values ​​on which the French Republic was based, “freedom, equality and fraternity, are very specific and must be passed on to children”.

On Saturday, after meeting with representatives of teachers, the French Prime Minister Jean Castex firmly declared that “teachers in our schools will continue to awaken the critical spirit of the citizens of the republic and free them from totalitarianism and darkness. And we will be with them. ”

BFM television reported on Saturday that the French Senate will start debating a bill on secularism from Monday in order to include in the constitution a clause that the legislation of the republic takes precedence over any other legal act.

This proposal was prepared before the assassination of teacher Paty, which, however, accelerated his inclusion in the Senate agenda.

The French prosecutor’s office is investigating the case as a murder involving a terrorist association. Witnesses testified that the young man shouted “Allah akbar!” After the attack on a high school teacher in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.

Subsequently, the perpetrator escaped from the crime scene. Police tried to detain him in the nearby town of Éragny. The young man was armed with a knife and a firearm, resisted and was aggressive. The cops shot him.

The attacker inflicted many blows on the teacher’s head, arm and abdomen with a knife. Finally, he separated his head from his body.

At a press conference on Saturday, prosecutor Jean-François Ricard said that shortly after the murder, a report on the crime appeared on the social network Twitter.

A scary photograph of the victim was accompanied by text that the attack was committed in Allah’s name. Next, the perpetrator identified his victim by her name. The investigation revealed that the Twitter account did belong to the attacker.

This photo has been circulating on social networks for some time. Marlene Schiappa, who is in charge of citizenship and related rights at the Ministry of the Interior, therefore convened a meeting with representatives of Facebook, Twitter and Google on Tuesday.

French police have identified the victim as Samuel Paty, a 47-year-old history and geography teacher. The teacher received threats after opening a discussion with his class about cartoons of the Islamic prophet Muhammad about ten days ago in a seminar on freedom of expression.

The parent of one of the students lodged a complaint against the teacher in this regard, but the man suspected of attacking at school did not have a child. Police detained nine people, including the attacker’s relatives, in connection with the act.

The AFP agency reported that the police issued an arrest warrant for the half-sister of the mentioned parent, who at one time joined the jihadist group Islamic State in Syria.

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