Mysterious autonomous vessel appears on the British coast (PHOTOS)


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A small unmanned and unmarked boat was found off the British coast, creating a great mystery, as there is no information about who it belongs to or why it was sent.

This is the second device used for military or scientific purposes found on the British coast in these circumstances. In September last year, another device of the same type was discovered off the coast of Northern Ireland.

The discovery of the small unmanned robotic vessel at the end of last month on the Scottish island of Tiree remains a mystery, as it has not yet been possible to determine who it belongs to and for what reason it was at the site, Forbes reports.

Mysterious drone found on the island of Tiree

The device was identified as a Wave Glider manufactured by the American company Liquid Robotics. The boat has an approximate cost of US $ 250 thousand (R $ 1.4 million), is capable of navigating thousands of kilometers autonomously and communicating with its base via satellite.

According to Forbes, the equipment is used by the US and UK navies, as well as government agencies for scientific research.

Mysterious drone found on the island of Tiree

However, the UK Ministry of Defense has declared that the equipment does not belong to the entity.

Some characteristics of the drone could indicate that its mission was military, not scientific, such as its gray color and the absence of badges and navigation lights, which make its identification more difficult.

In addition, its sensors are underwater and on the surface there is only one communication antenna.

The Wave Glider was found last September 28, close to the main route of operations for British submarines leaving the base of Faslane, Scotland, from where it was picked up by a local Coast Guard rescue team.


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