Nationwide testing will be carried out by the Armed Forces, given a mandate from the government


The government has commissioned the Armed Forces to prepare and conduct nationwide testing of the population in connection with the new coronavirus. Up to 8000 members of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic should be set aside. On Sunday, the government cabinet decided on this at an extraordinary meeting.

“Nationwide testing will help to better identify existing outbreaks, provide adequate health care for cases with little or no symptoms of COVID-19, and more effectively segregate the infected population.” it is stated in the material.

All inhabitants of Slovakia older than ten years will be tested. The main part of the testing will take place from 30 October to 1 November and from 6 to 8 November. A pilot test will be carried out from 23 to 25 October, focusing on the districts where COVID-19 is currently most prevalent.

Sampling points shall be located and equipped according to the approved material in such a way as to ensure that all measures to limit the spread of the new coronavirus are complied with. Sampling points will be set up in such a way that their accessibility to the population is as good as possible, similarly to the establishment of polling stations.

Integrated teams led by professional soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic will operate at the sampling points, therefore the government has proposed to allocate up to 8,000 members of the army.

In addition to professional soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, the integrated teams will consist of members of the Police Force, qualified medical personnel and administrative personnel.

“Sampling for testing shall be carried out exclusively by professionally qualified medical staff,“is written in the approved material.

The material shows that it is necessary to ensure the cooperation of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic with the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic, the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic and territorial self-government.

To ensure effective coordination, management and information flow, the Minister of Defense Jaroslav Naď (OĽANO) will ensure the creation of the relevant organizational structure. The Central Crisis Staff and the Government of the Slovak Republic will inform about the preparation and implementation of the testing.

At the same time, the government entrusts the Administration of State Material Reserves of the Slovak Republic with the task of providing protective aids and tests for comprehensive testing of the population.

The location of the collection points and the times when it will be possible to visit the collection point will be announced through the broadcasting of the Slovak Radio and Television and by publication on the website


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