NEW HOPE for Hryce! The ministry said YES


The Slovak actor had to spend a long 60 days in the hospital from the time he was diagnosed with a serious illness. The artist made it known that he reached the bottom of both physical and mental strength. And even after being released from the hospital, he has not yet won. However, the actor is undergoing relatively new American chemotherapy under the supervision of a renowned doctor who also takes care of Karel Gott († 80). The actor talked about this method. “It is a completely new American chemotherapy, which was approved by the Ministry of Health in Slovakia only at the beginning of August. Of course, it is very expensive, “Hryc explained to the daily Nový čas.

Hryc talked about the tests. How is the actor?

In the beginning, however, there was a shock. Chemotherapy was too strong, which the body did not accept perfectly. “They put this therapy on me in full because they had a good experience with my body and thought it could do it,” confided the actor, who appeared in the Street series. But to be sure, they stopped her for a moment to let her body rest. “I was weak, weak, I wanted to sleep. We continue treatment after two weeks, but the chemotherapy is weaker. I was in control on Monday and the results are better, “Andrej praises the results.

Hryc said who saved his life

Although leukemia does not give up, according to doctors, Hryc perceives the situation better. “Doc called me today. Master that after good frequent results, he increases my chemotherapy dosage. So the progress is clear, “said the actor.


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