New measures to contain the new coronavirus #video are in place


Additional measures to curb the spread of the new coronavirus went into effect at midnight today. The gathering is limited to a maximum of ten people, and events with the participation of up to 500 people are possible only in the case of a positive opinion of the NIJZ and without refreshments. Service in bars and the number of customers in stores are limited. The measures will also be discussed by the National Security Council in the afternoon.
The decree limiting the collection to ten people applies to gathering in public places and all other places, including private ones. But this does not mean that inspections will be possible in an individual’s apartment, the interior minister explained on Thursday Aleš Hojs. However, according to STA, inspectors will be able to monitor compliance with the ordinance at private gatherings, such as restaurants, inns or associations.

New measures in force, penalties also announced for protesters. Journalist: Lea Majcen / Video: Planet.


Gathering more than 10 people is also prohibited for #video protesters




The police will penalize failure to comply with measures on protests

The decree does not provide for any exceptions, which means that religious organizations will also have to obtain the consent of the NIJZ for ceremonies with the participation of more than 10 people. The ordinance does not regulate gatherings and activities in schools, but defines afternoon activities that are not organized by schools, such as sports activities, Hojs explained.

The minister also announced that as of today, protesters on bicycles can expect the police to identify them more consistently and punish them for non-compliance with the decree. Ljubljana, where protests have been taking place for several months on Fridays, is in 58th place in terms of the share of active infections among the population, according to data from the covid-19 tracker.

Protests, assembly.

Photo: Bojan Puhek

In the new restaurants, they will only be able to serve food and drinks to guests sitting at a table and at a suitable distance from each other, unless, of course, they are from the same household. From now on, only a limited number of people will be able to enter closed public spaces, such as shops, banks, post offices and offices. Their number will depend on the square footage of the space, and it will be able to accommodate only one customer per 20 square meters in addition to employees.

Janez Janša and Aleksandra Pivec


Janša convened a session of the National Security Council for Friday




Janša convened a meeting of the National Security Council

Record numbers of confirmed infections with the new coronavirus is prime Janez Janša accompanied on Thursday by the announcement of a meeting of the National Security Council to be held today at 3 p.m. It will discuss the situation in Slovenia due to the spread of the new coronavirus. The agenda of the session also includes a discussion on illegal migration. From the beginning of the year to September 15, the police dealt with 11,117 illegal crossings of the state border, reports STA.


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