New Presidential Debate: Trump’s ‘Caganer’ or Biden’s?


The presidential candidates of the United States Joe Biden and Donald Trump will go down in the history of the nativity scenes. Both will have their figure of ‘caganer’, both with a mask and without it.

Christmas is slowly approaching. Despite missing months until December 25, little by little the machinery of the festivities is reactivated, this year affected by the pandemic. It can be seen in the sporadic appearance of a Christmas-themed movie or the subtle increase in advertisements for colognes and toys, trends that are growing as the thermometers plummet.
Another indication of the approach of Christmas is the discovery of the new models of one of its protagonists: he caganer. This image of Catalan origin is one of the queens of the end of the year festivities and not putting it next to the rest of the nativity figures brings misfortune, since it is said that it brings happiness and joy to homes. Traditionally, the caganer is the representation of the typical Catalan shepherd, dressed in a sash and barretina. Of course, with the pants down, while defecating in a hidden place in the nativity scene.
However, the passage of time has given the caganer different faces. Actors, singers or politicians have posed next to the Portal de Belén and they have replaced the pastor in his functions. From Pedro Sánchez, King Felipe VI or Carles Puigdemont to Rosalía or Rafa Nadal. It even crosses borders. Emmanuel Macron, Barack Obama or Angela Merkel have their version caganer.

This 2020, the company, in charge of making this piece of the manger with different personalities, has included two new figures in its catalog. One is from Democratic candidate Joe Biden, which can be purchased with or without a mask. The other is a figurine of Donald Trump with a mask, since the president of the United States has had a representation for four years.

Figures who arrive months before Christmas, but a few weeks before the US presidential elections, which will be held on November 3.

“We always try to stay up-to-date with current affairs when choosing the latest news and the American elections for a long time that we have followed them closely, because they give a lot of play,” acknowledges to the Efe Agency one of the company managers and sculptor of the figures, Marc Alós.

The United States is one of the main clients of this company from Torroella de Montgrí. It’s more, the North American country is its second largest buyer through the Internet, only surpassed by Spain. It seems that the caganer It is a trend across the Atlantic Ocean. Will it be Trump or Biden, the king of the nativity scene? Or president, rather.


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