Next-generation armored Humvee introduced in the US | Video


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The famous Hummer manufacturer, AM General, has presented its new version of the legendary HMMWV or Humvee light tactical vehicle at the annual exhibition of the Association of the US Army (AUSA).

The new next-generation model, called the NXT 360, will be equipped with MRAP class armor (mine-resistant ambush protection) and a digital video camera that offers a field of 60-120 degree vision Live. This has eliminated the need for heavy transparent armor on the rear passenger doors.

The tactical vehicle will also be equipped with optional bolt-on armor for better protect kinetic energy. It will also feature 360-degree kinetic energy threat protection, under-vehicle explosion threat protection, reinforced floor and transparent armor.
Armored car provides exceptional speed, mobility and agility on any rough terrain in all weather conditions, has revealed AM General quoted by Defense Blog.

The new Humvee is available in two versions: basic and ES. The second version is equipped with a more powerful 6.5-liter diesel engine (250 horsepower instead of 205) and a six-speed gearbox (instead of four). Maximum operating weight is just over seven tons and there are configuration options for two, four and six people. In addition, the NXT 360 ES version has an extended suspension for greater maneuverability in difficult terrain.


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