Not beyond the advice of our ancestors: TOP recipes on how to deal with the flu and colds as quickly as possible


Experts from Naturhouse nutritional counseling offer some practical tips on how to look for diseases or strengthen immunity using natural methods.

Cough Cough – Ginger wrap

Mix honey, flour, olive oil and ginger thoroughly. Put the resulting mixture on a canvas around which you wrap the gauze. Place on the breasts and cover with a patch. Then leave on overnight.



Our ancestors did not allow this vegetable, its healing effect has been known for many centuries. Onion tea, thanks to the essential oils contained in the onion, will help soothe the neck and relax the nose during colds. You do not have to worry about the onion taste, which is not so pronounced. If honey doesn’t do us good cough, we’ll skip it. Its crystals can irritate the hypersensitive mucosa and cause coughing. During the cough itself, we can then reach for other herbs – thyme, wild boar
or black base.

Onion tea – peel two onions and cut them on wheels. Put in a pot, pour half a liter of water and cook on low heat for ten to fifteen minutes. Then strain. You can taste it with honey, ginger or cinnamon.

Not beyond our advice

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Chinese gooseberry, also known as goji, has rightly gained considerable popularity around the world in the field of healthy nutrition. Its fruits contain a lot of vitamins A and C, which help build immunity, and a lot of strong antioxidants. Scientific studies show that gooseberries are effective in preventing diseases ranging from the common cold to cancer.

Gooseberry tea – Pour two tablespoons of dried Chinese gooseberry with hot water. You can add honey and lemon.

Not beyond our advice



Rosehip tea – Crush two tablespoons of darts, pour half a liter of water and let it infuse overnight. On the second day, lightly heat the infusion to about 80 degrees. Then strain the arrows through a thick sieve and you can still taste the honey. When making rosehip tea, never pour boiling water over the fruit. You would be deprived of most of the vitamin C and other medicinal substances.


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