Olfactory hallucinations after coronavirus overcome: Patients’ noses went crazy, coffee smells like burnt gum


According to a study in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, up to 86 percent of patients tested positive for Covid-19 are described as one of the symptoms of olfactory loss. After recovering from the disease, up to 90 percent of them report that everything has returned to normal. But ten percent of people still don’t feel anything, or their noses are really confused. The Czech Blesk drew attention to the report.

Zdroj: Getty Images

“When they wake up, they can’t smell their favorite morning coffee. They smell like burnt gum,” said Professor Jiří Ruprich from the Center for Health, Nutrition and Food of the State Institute of Public Health in Brno. Patients should suffer from distorted odor perception or even olfactory hallucinations.

But why does the coronavirus attack the human sense of smell? This is still being done by scientists. Already at the beginning of the pandemic, they managed to find out that the virus must be trapped on two proteins – ACE2 and TMPRSS2. These are found in many parts of the body, including the nose. Thus, the virus can damage olfactory neurons, which transmit odor information from the nose to the brain. However, according to experts, damaged cells can regenerate. However, in some cases this can take some time, even years.

The study also describes the specific experience of the patient. She became infected during the first wave of the disease in the spring. At first she lost her taste and smell, then there was a cough and fatigue. She turned out to have a coronavirus. A few months later, when she was being consulted, she and her husband went to a favorite restaurant. She ordered fish and vegetables. However, the tasty food did not smell good on her. “Like a combination of burnt toast and something that made me sick to my stomach,” described.


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